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XP7 Always On Disaster Recovery with Online Data Migration

Earlier today, I introduced you to the XP7. In this blog post I want to share with you another ChalkTalk that explains some very cool multi-array virtualization functionality that we call XP7 Always On Disaster Recovery with Online Data Migration. 


I'll let the ChalkTalk do the explaining but there's a short back story here.  I was talking to Karen our worldwide product manager for the XP7 on Monday.  Actually, it was late Monday afternoon.  She talked me through how we can keep a Disaster Recovery Solution working before, during, and after an online data migration. 


She gave me details on how it works and I decided it would make a cool ChalkTalk.  So I set off to do that ChalkTalk yesterday and I think it does a really good job of explaining what this is and how it works.

Which 5 IT areas look to prosper in 2013?

By Andre Carpenter, senior solutions architect


Here’s to 2013! It’s a very exciting time to be in IT—and especially in the storage, cloud and virtualisation space. Last year saw a massive shift in the IT landscape as CIOs really started to show interest in this thing we call cloud computing. More focus on how things can be done better and more cost effectively was one of the prominent drivers behind this surge in interest.


Crystal Ball.jpgLooking into the crystal ball…

I’ve never deemed myself to be a fortune teller of any kind, but I guess in some wacky kind of way it is part of my role: possessing a grasp of what’s happening now and an ability to translate this and interpret the market to foretell what might be happening 6 months, 12 months, 18 months down the track. This is always a beneficial skill for any IT professional to have. This time of year, we see a number of predictions on market trends that appear to be obvious for 2013. Then there are some that may come as a surprise. So let’s take a look at some of the areas that I think will prosper.

Your biggest issue with information protection - get free t-shirt

I'm down to my last question as we get ready to head to HP Discover in Frankfurt.  I'd like you to leave a comment below on what is your biggest challenge around information protection.  If you leave a comment (and follow a few other rules I'll have below), I'll have an HP Storage t-shirt sent to you.  Easy, no?


As we continue to get ready for HP Discover (yes, I'm just a little excited about it!), you can stay in touchMark your calendar.png with what is happening at our page:  You can also register for our announcement webcast by clicking on the "Mark your calendar" graphic.


Making sure the right hand knows what the LeftHand is doing

By Calvin Zito 

Our colleagues at LeftHand Networks have been hard at work since the acquisition announcement in October and one of the fruits from their labor was announced last week.  New for entry-level customers is the SAS Starter SAN.  Based on high-performing SAS drives, this new SAN is ideal for virtual server environments that require more "horsepower" to perform optimally.  The higher performance drives help satisfy the I/O needs of virtual environments, while LeftHand's architecture automatically balances data volumes across all disk drives, network connections and processors.  To read more, click here see the press release here:

You might also be interested knowing that we have a couple of HP LeftHand Networks blogs.  Last week, the team posted a blog about a roadshow in the U.S. and Canada, focused on Disaster Recovery for Virtualized Environments.  You can read about it here:  The other blog is the HP LHN useablity blog.  The latest post on the same topic of disaster recovery can be found here:

Over the next several months, we'll integrate the HP LHN blog into our Around the Storage Block blog - but for now, I'll highlight here when there's a new post. 

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

Low cost, simple disaster recovery using XP and remote external storage

Hi folks, 

HP is a leader when it comes to providing customers with fault tolerant Disaster Recovery (DR) solutions.  We demonstrated that leadership last year when we literally destroyed an entire data center to show how five different O/Ss connected to the XP disk array failed over flawlessly to a secondary site.  It wasn't enough for us to do a simple "pull test," we really blew up the primary site to showcase the failover.  

A video demonstration and article on how we conducted this super extreme DR test can be found here:

Now, HP is building upon our leadership by announcing a way for customers to implement a 2-site, low cost DR solution by synchronously coping data from an XP disk array to any other vendor's array.

As shown in Figure 1 below, this solution uses XP Continuous Access Synchronous in a local loopback fashion where the primary volume is an internal volume within the XP and a secondary volume is an external storage virtual volume residing on the remote external storage array. The maximum distance the external storage may be located away from the XP will depend on the bandwidth and delay tolerance of the application using the storage volumes.

So how might a customer actually use this DR solution in a practical way? Let's say Company A with an XP24000 or XP20000 buys a rival company that uses another vendor's disk arrays. Ordinarily, to create a DR solution between the two merged companies the array technology at one of the companies would have to be replaced so that both array technologies are the same. But since the XP allows numerous vendors' arrays to be attached as external storage nothing need be replaced. By simply adding an XP External Storage license and XP Continuous Access Synchronous license to its existing XP the above DR solution could be quickly and simply implemented without the need for a costly and time consuming hardware upgrade.

For more information visit our StorageWorks XP Disk Array home page.

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