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AllDigital and HP StoreAll Storage

I had a couple previous posts with customers videos that I did at HP Discover.  One of the other customers I talked to AllDigital.  From AllDigital's website:  AllDigital offers digital broadcasting solutions that enable the secure transport of digital media to multiple connected devices simultaneously.


The guys from AllDigital co-presented a session at HP Discover, talking about how they utilize HP StoreAll and I wanted to talk specifically about how they use StoreAll Express Query (a topic I have a few blog posts about that you should check out).  Steve Smith is the VP of Network Services at AllDigital and he helped me understand how they are utilizing the metadata search capabilities with Express Query.  Steve talks about StoreAll being used as the center of the cloud-based digital broadcast services.  Check out the video with Steve.


Everyone has a story to tell

I'm working with my product teams to kickoff a podcast series with you, our HP Storage customers, as the star.  The idea will be to have you talk about your business and how HP Storage is used in your environment.  I know that it can be tough to get corporate approval to talk publicly but to make it easier, we'll keep your corporate/business name out of the discussion if you need to do that.  If you're interested in being a guest on the podcast, drop me an email


This is an abbreviation of the blog post so be sure to click over to see all of it including another video from NAB with AllDigital.

More from the bloggers attending HP Discover

P1100175.JPGYesterday I pointed you to many of the posts written by our guest bloggers at HP Discover.  NOTE: Travel to HP Discover 2013 was paid for by HP; however, no monetary compensation was paid for the content that is written by the bloggers.


Today, I want to point you to the remaining blog posts I've seen from the the bloggers I didn't have in my post yesterday.  Here they are:


(See the full post for all the info)


I had a post a couple of weeks ago talking about another event that I thoroughly enjoy attending every year, Nth Generation Symposium.  We'll be hosting another group of bloggers at Nth Symposium and in the coming days I'll tell you more about that and who is coming.

Bloggers' view of HP Discover with a storage focus

Panorama Blogger Lounge.jpg

We had 30 bloggers participating in our HP Discover Blogger Lounge program.  I heard from more than a few of the attending bloggers that it was the best event they've ever attended - a testament to the team that helps pull it off and the space we're given by the HP event team for the Discover Zone Blogger Lounge.


And we kept those 30 bloggers extremely busy and they have created a lot of content based on what they heard and saw.  As is my tradition, I like to have a blog post pointing to the posts our attending bloggers wrote.  There's a lot of them so I don't want to point all of them in a single blog post but today I'll point you to the bloggers who focused on storage.  In my next post, I'll talk about the rest of the bloggers (and some of them did write about storage - but I didn't want to give 50+ links in one blog).


See the full post for the links and more info!

theCloud Limited talks about HP 3PAR

Today I have another of those customer videos from HP Discover that I introduced yesterday with another service provider who is using using HP 3PAR StoreServ.  


theCloud in New Zealand

I love New Zealand - I got to spend 4 months there during a leave of absence I took from HP back in the early 90's.  I loved the country and one of my biggest regrets is that I haven't made it back down there.


Bruce Trevarthen is the CEO and Founder of theCloud Limited.  One of the interesting things Bruce told me about was a new service they were developing called HomeDrive - a kind of DropBox service.  theCloud was already using HP 3PAR but hadn't considered it for their HomeDrive offering.  Check out the discussion I had with Bruce about how theCloud uses HP 3PAR StoreServ.

HP 3PAR service provider customer Savvis

I was fortunate to have a few customers talk with me for ATSB at HP Discover. I was able to ask about their experiences with HP Storage.  Today I have one of those customers Savvis.  


Savvis, an HP CloudAgile partner

Matt Brickey is senior director of storage product management.  Savvis was 3PAR's biggest customer and was an early adopter of the technology.  Savvis is global provider of managed hosting and cloud infrastructure.  Savvis is a member of the HP CloudAgile Service Provider Program. Matt talks about how the introduction of the 3PAR StoreServ 7000 really changed things for them.  


Savvis offers a ton of services so check out their website to learn more about them and what they offer.

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