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If you liked your EVA, you’ll love HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage

The HP EVA was built in an era of predictable data growth and database application but as you transform your data centers, you require modern scale-out architectures more suited for today’s multi-tenant, mixed workload environments. Now it’s time to consider making the move to HP 3PAR StoreServ 7000. You’ll find some motivating details in my blog post and the accompanying ShortTake. Go to the full blog post to see more and to listen to the ShortTake.


EVA to HP 3PAR StoreServ online import

Online migration overview small.pngOne of the videos I tried to have done before Discover but wasn't able to is a demo of new software capability - EVA to 3PAR Online Import.  Today, I have that video for you.  But let's start with some background information.


What is it?

EVA to 3PAR Online Import manages the migration of data from a source EVA storage system to a destination 3PAR storage system. Using EVA to 3PAR Online Import, you can migrate EVA virtual disks and host configuration information to a 3PAR destination storage system without changing host configurations or interrupting data access.


EVA to 3PAR Online Import coordinates the movement of data from the source while servicing I/O requests from the hosts. During the data migration, host I/O is serviced from the destination 3PAR storage system. The host/virtual disk presentation implemented on the EVA is maintained on the 3PAR destination.

New HP EVA improves capacity, performance and total cost of ownership

c02734161.jpgThe good news is that HP is continuing to invest in EVA P6000 Storage. We’re announcing a series of enhancements designed to help you optimize traditional and virtual workloads with new technology innovations. In a nutshell, these enhancements include:

  • New models, EVA P6350 and EVA P6550, with twice the cache
  • Increased addressable capacity now over 1PB
  • New drive options including support for 200GB and 400GB Small Form Factor (SFF) Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) Solid State Disk (SSD)
  • New 3TB SAS drive option for increased scalability
  • Integration with VMware vSphere Storage APs (VAAI)
  • Performance Advisor Software for intuitive, easy-to-use performance monitoring and troubleshooting interface



More P6000 EVA Performance Advisor demo videos

Late last week - actually was most of the world's weekend - I had a blog post talking about some new P6000 EVA Performance Advisor demo videos. Today, I have the final two videos in the series that I wanted to share with you.  Here are the videos:



Demo videos of P6000 EVA Performance Advisor

A few weeks back I had a blog post talking about the P6000 EVA simulator and that it included the new P6000 Performance Advisor (PA) software.  I sure hope you checked it out but if you didn't, over the next couple of days I have a few videos that demonstrate PA.   



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