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Advancements in Gen5 Fibre Channel - more than speed

I attended Nth Symposium at the beginning of the month - it's a great event because our partner Nth Generation focuses the event (and really what they do every day) on education. I'm hoping to share more from the event but today I have a video that I did with a couple of other HP OEM partners, Brocade and QLogic. 


We've had many articles on ATSB talking about the performance benefits of Gen5 Fibre Channel (16 Gbps). That extra bandwidth is key for all-flash as you can have lower latencies with a faster, bigger pipe. But between Brocade and QLogic, they've built some instrumentation into Gen5 that will give you more insight into your storage - from the VM into the storage. Dare I use a buzzword, but really an end-to-end view. And there are also built in QoS features that you'll be able to take advantage of. 


The video is an interesting discussion on these topics. I think the experience between the three of us in this video (AJ Casamento from Brocade and Todd Owens of QLogic) is over 100 years. Dang, I guess we should all be nearing retirement!  Here's the video.

Catching up on Fibre Channel with HP and Brocade

One of the conversations I had at the recent Nth Symposium was with AJ Casamento from Brocade.  HP and Brocade have partnered in storage networking for a long time – probably about as long as AJ and I have worked in the industry! 


Here’s a summary of what AJ and I discussed:

  • Looking deeper into the storage network stack with Fabric Vision
  • 16Gb Fibre Channel – ideal for low latency and all-flash
  • Optical infrastructure with Clearlink
  • When is the right time to look at Gen5 16Gb FC?

Here’s the video with AJ – definitely an interesting discussion on the topic of storage networking.

To use 16Gbps Fibre Channel or not - that is the question

Yesterday my colleague Rohan Viegas told you about the new 16Gb Fibre Channel SAN Switch for the BladeSystem.  Today I have what I think is a great follow-up to his blog post. 


The question of when do I upgrade my storage network or more fundamentally should I move to the latest generation is often asked.  I was fortunate to get some time with Dennis Martin.  Dennis is the founder and President of Demartek. 


Demartek looked into the question of 16Gbps Fibre Channel compared to 8Gbps.  In the podcast with Dennis, he shares the results of the testing he did -and its real-world testing using an SQL database, not just running IOmeter or some synthetic workload. 



Spotlight on 16Gb from Emulex

Last week while I was having a great time at Margaritaville with the VMware community, Janice had a blog post talking about the new 16Gb FC HBA's that were announced.  I wanted to highlight Janice's posts (which includes links to some other great resources) today. 


Don't blink now - HP just went racing by with 16Gb FC HBA's


Posted February 13th on blog by Janice Owens


HP is off to the races and if you blink, you just might miss their latest product offering for HP ProLiant DL and SL G7 servers. Now shipping the world’s fastest 16Gb Fibre Channel (16GFC) Host Bus Adapter (HBA), in both single- and dual-channel modes, HP leads with 1 million I/O Operations per Second (IOPS) on a single channel!


Read on at Janice's blog at

Stackable Fibre Channel Switches - the SN6000

Today on my blog I have a Power Podcast talking about the SN6000 Stackable Switch with the product manager Dan Watt. 


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