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Storage built for cloud service providers

Derek Howard, Worldwide Service Provider Marketing Manager, HP Enterprise Group  @DerekBHoward


In my first post on Around the Storage Block, I talked about revenue opportunities in cloud backup. Today, I’m expanding our discussion with more insight on the challenges and the storage needs of service providers.


When I talk with cloud service providers who are delivering XaaS, we spend a lot of the discussion on their top-of-mind challenges. A few that repeatedly come up are balancing the ability to support service level agreements (SLAs),delivering high availability while being able to quickly adapt to customers’ changing needs and keeping infrastructure costs low—all while looking for ways to expand their customer base and differentiate from the growing number of competitors in this space.


That’s a lot to think about. And HP has ONE solution that can address all of these: HP 3PAR. Read on to learn more.

All in a flash: a year of 3PAR Thursday blogs tells the evolving flash story

By Beth Joseph, 3PAR StoreServ Product Marketing Manager, HP Storage



A year can seem like a long time—or it can fly by in a flash. But any time you’ve done any thing every week for 12 months straight, it’s a good idea to look back and think, “Was that worth it?” Our first 3PAR Thursday post was April 17, 2014, and now one year and 52 posts later, I have to say that YES, it was so worth it. Why? Because we have so much to tell you about what’s happening both in the primary storage market and with 3PAR StoreServ.


With 3PAR Thursday, we’ve been able to provide one convenient blog spot for sharing it all. Over the past 12 months, through our blogs, videos and customer stories, we’ve featured the many aspects of the flash evolution. Here are some of the highlights revisited

Understanding the business value of HP 3PAR StoreServ

By J Maestre     @StorageMuscle

The World’s Strongest Technologist

HP Enterprise Solutions & Architectures Team


Architecture matters. Each and every single vendor out there cannot wait to tell you why their architecture is “best.” When asked why a given technology is better than a competitor's, you will inevitably get an answer that extolls the virtues of that architecture while hearing terms like "greater resiliency, lower latency, and flexibly scalability." This tends to satisfy the question and there's either unanimous agreement, silent disagreement, or an open dialogue where technical opinions are exchanged. Thus begins the long process where one side does their due diligence on product investigation and the other side tries to answer every technical objection possible. And while all this is going on, one point often gets overlooked: Why does all this matter? 



                                               Built for IO matters


Flashification – removing the shackles of yesteryear and enabling business growth

By Paul Haverfield, Principal Technologist HP Storage APJ region   @PaulHavs





What inhibits business growth? Sales reach? Marketing budgets? Product innovation? IT infrastructure? How often do we critically review our internal infrastructure as being a silent or passive growth inhibitor?


Not often enough I would propose. And based upon my 30+ year experiences with storage infrastructure, I believe that storage – being the “forgotten child” of all too many IT departments – is guilty of being a silent or passive business growth inhibitor. Let me share two recent examples of this with you.

No All-flash orphans with HP 3PAR StoreServ

One of the storage sites I regularly read is The Register. Over the years, I have really come to enjoy and respect the work Chris Mellor does over at the Reg. Sometimes he's edgy but he's been a storage reporter for along time and really gets it. 


Over the break, I missed an article Chris had published. Actually, I was in Phoenix for the Fiesta Bowl (which hopefully by now you know my Boise State Broncos won) so I have a good excuse.  The article is titled "Bringing AFA SAN orphans in house". In my opinion, what Chris described in his article is essentially something we call Polymorphic Simplicity - which I've talked about more than a few times on the blog and in videos. A recent post I did that is a good article on this is HP 3PAR Polymorphic Simplicity made easy.


Before I jump into what Chris had to say, I also want to share a brand new ChalkTalk that I just finished today and is a good starting point with an overview of flash storage and HP 3PAR. 

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