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HP 3PAR StoreServ 7450: marching on with all-flash success

By Priyadarshi (Pd), Sr. Product Manager, HP 3PAR Storage


PDbyline.jpegLast June we launched HP 3PAR StoreServ 7450, our all-flash array. The message was Performance without Compromises and rightfully so. At that time, HP 3PAR StoreServ 7450 was the only all-flash that could deliver the performance (550K IOPS at or below 0.7 millisecond response time) AND all the rich data services like snapshots, replication, 3-data-center disaster recovery, vMSC certification, encryption and QoS. I was hoping that in the next six months, many of our competitors will catch up on the data services. I was wrong! Here’s why HP 3PAR StoreServ is still the flash leader.


Storage product of the year finalist

POYlogos2013_Storage_Finalist_145.jpgI recently told you about HP 3PAR StoreServ winning technology of the year via InfoWorld.  Storage Magazine, another publication, is doing their Product of the Year awards.  There are a couple of products that I wanted to point out that are finalists and since I have ChalkTalks on them, thought it would be a great opportunity to mention them here.


Today's blog post highlights two of those finalists: HP 3PAR StoreServ 7450 and Brocade Fabric Vision technology.  I have ChalkTalks on both of these so check out the full blog post. 

Gen 5 Fibre Channel and the all flash 3PAR StoreServ

With the performance increases you can realize with the all-flash HP 3PAR StoreServ 7450, I thought a ChalkTalk focusing on the storage network would be useful.  In the ChalkTalk, I focus on the HP StoreFabric B-Series.  There are a few key benefits that you can drive with Gen 5 Fibre Channel - and in case you aren't aware of what I mean by Gen 5, that's 16Gb/sec.  Those benefits are:

  • Increase application performance: Obviously with more bandwidth on the network, you can virtually eliminate the network as a bottleneck.
  • Workload scalability: you can deploy more physical servers and increase your VM density to ensure applications get the resources they need.
  • Increased availability: is a solution that dramatically simplifies Fibre Channel (FC) SAN administration.

What is Tier-1 Storage

I think customers know they need to be cautious about how vendors use different terms.  I was recently talking about the term AFA (All-flash array) and the need to look at architecture versus some who wants to pigeon-hole the definition into their liking. 

Today, I want to hit another storage term that depending on who you talk to could have different meanings.  We commissioned Mark Peters, Sr Analyst from Enterprise Strategy Group, to write a paper about the topic of tier-1 storage that he titled "The Changing Face of Tier-1 Storage in the Modern Data Center". 


Mark is one of my favorite storage analysts out there.  A few years ago we happened to be in London attended the same event and had a delightful dinner eating curry (Indian Food) in central London.  We asked Mark if he would do a podcast with me to give an overview of the paper and it's a great discussion.  I also asked Sandeep Singh to join me - Sandeep is the 3PAR StoreServ director of product management. 


The thing that the three of us agreed with - which was a similar conclusion that I reached in the AFA podcast I did with Chris Evans and Chris Wahl - is that it really is about the requirements.  Right click here for the podcast with Mark and Sandeep. 


There's also a video that Sandeep did with Jake Ludington from HP Discover that is worth a look!


What's in an (AFA) name?

Just before the HP Discover Blogger Lounge was packed up, I did a podcast with Chris Wahl and Chris Evans.  I introduce them in the podcast so I won't do it here.  The reason I did this podcast with them is they both had written blog posts addressing their views on All Flash Arrays (AFAs).  The blog posts were:

The podcast with the two Chrises was a great conversation where we all agreed that customers need to focus on requirements.  Check it out on the full blog post.  You can also download it if you want to listen to it later. 




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