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HP StoreOnce and the Converged Infrastructure

Brad Parks, a Converged Infrastructure Strategist, talks about HP StoreOnce deduplication software and the HP Converged Infrastructure.

HP Tech Forum booth tour

Before they packed up the HP Tech Forum solution showcase, I visited the three demos of the products we announced on the first day, HP StoreOnce deduplication software, P4800, and EVA Cluster.

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HP StoreOnce - podcast with Evaluator Group

As HP Tech Forum winds down, I have one more StoreOnce podcast to share with you. I spoke with John Webster from the Evaluator Group about StoreOnce and the testing that they did on the D2D4312.

HP StoreOnce, again! Day 2 at HP Tech Forum

At HP Technology Forum, a lot of the discussion has been about HP StoreOnce deduplication software. Today I have a couple of videos from the event, one with Alistair Veitch from HP Labs and the other a small piece of Dave Donatelli's keynote.
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HP StorageWorks announcement from Tech Forum

The most significant part of the announcement we made on June 21 was the HP StoreOnce deduplication software. This post will give a quick overview of the news and links to learn more.
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