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HP Tech Day: HP 3PAR and file-based portfolio

The next article from our HP Tech Day in Ft. Collins includes notes from the HP 3PAR session and the file-based family overview.  Along with notes taken during the session are embedded videos courtesy of Jeffery Powers (

X9000 IBRIX application notes you can use

Just before our holiday break started Tim Thomas, one of my X9000 IBRIX technical specialists, sent me an email pointing to a few X9000 Network Storage System application notes so today I have a short post to point you at these. 


While I'm still off until next week, I did take a look at these and thought they'd be helpful so here they are.  The titles are self-explanatory:


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Updates to the X9000 IBRIX Scale-out NAS solution

Today, I'll give you an overview of the X9000 IBRIX Network Storage System with Patrick Osborne.  Whenever I have X9000 questions, Patrick is the expert I turn to.  He was with IBRIX four years and now has been working on the solution for 6 years. 


Converged Infrastructure Announcement from HP DISCOVER

Today is a big day in HP Storage - one I've waited a long time for.  We made several announcements today at HP DISCOVER - my blog today is a Power Podcast (podcast with PowerPoint slides) with Tom Joyce, VP of Marketing, Operations, and Strategy at HP Storage.  Tom and I discuss the storage pieces of the announcement.


HP StorageWorks Tech Day: Session 6, the X9000

At our April 2010 Tech Day, one of the sessions was a technical overview of the X9000 Network Storage System.  The X9000 is based on technology from our acquisition of IBRIX.  The presenter is Efrin Molina, a technical specialists.

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