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HP's VMworld announcement

Today at VMworld, we had another announcement, following up on the storage federation announcement we did last week.   I'm at VMworld now and ran back to my room to give you a quick overview of this announcement.  So here it is:


  • We announced the HP VirtualSystem for VMware.  Our QuickSpec document is always a helpful technical resource to get familiar with a new product so here's a link to the VirtualSystem QuickSpecs.  It's also been a topic of a few blog posts I've done.
  • We announced the latest version of our HP LeftHand software, SAN/iQ 9.5 that will be available worldwide in October.  I'll have more on this in the next few day.
  • HP also announced enhancements to our HP FlexNetwork Architecture.  Here's a link to a high-level document (PDF format) that talks about that. 

Not all VSAs are created equal: comparing HP and NetApp VSA

Vaughn Stewart, my storage industry colleague over at NetApp, posted an article yesterday about its new Virtual Storage Array or VSA.  We have a product also called VSA. To avoid any confusion, I thought it would be worth doing a high-level comparison.

Virtualization podcast series - part 4

This is the fourth podcast in my series about virtualization. I begin a two part discussion with Justin Grote. Justin is a Senior Systems Engineer with an HP channel partner, En Pointe Global Services.

Virtualization podcast series - part 3

This is the third podcast in my series about virtualization. I talked with Jeremy Sherwood, VP of Sales and Operations from Opus Interactive about how they've used virtualization in the data center and specifically his experience with the P4000 SAN Solution (former HP LeftHand)

February 16 announcement podcast part 2: P4000 G2 SAN Solution

 By Calvin Zito, aka @HPStorageGuy 


In yesterday's podcast, I talked about the new P2000 G3 MSA with Charles Vallhonrat.  Today I turn my attention to the HP StorageWorks P4000 G2 SAN Solution (formerly known as HP LeftHand).  This is a major release of the P4000 and you'll get the sense of that in the podcast as I talk to Chris McCall about many of the enhancements in the P4000.   Here's the podcast:





If your browser doesn't support the embedded player, click here to listen to the podcast or right-click here to save it as an MP3.


As I said, there are a lot of new features with the P4000 release.  Here are the highlights I talked to Chris about:

    • Improve capacity efficiency by as much as 50%


    • Best Practice Analyzer allows you to check your infrastructure configuration to ensure you are using best practices


    • Simplified data management and data protection with Application Integrated Snapshots


    • Unified NAS Gateway for the P4000 allows you to manage both block and file data storage with the same infrastructure


    • Support for Integrated Lights Out (ILO-2) extends management framework to manage both HP servers and the P4000 with ILO-2


    • Mid-line SAS drives gives customers the same capacity and price as SATA but with the interconnect benefits (like dual port) of SAS drives

And don't forget about the upcoming HP and VMware Rethinking Virtualization workshops coming to 27 U.S. cities starting next week.


If you have any questions or comments about this announcement - leave me a comment or send me an email by clicking on the "Contact" link at the top right hand side of the page.

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