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Introducing the MSA 1040

Early today I had a blog post giving an overview of our announcement at the HP Global Partner Conference.  In this post, I want to dive a bit into the MSA 1040, the newest member of the MSA family.


I have a new ChalkTalk and a ShortTake on this blog post with more information so head over to the full blog post to check it out!



Storage made easier for small and midsize business

Today is the first day of the HP Global Partner Conference in Las Vegas and with the start of GPC comes news from HP Storage.  Over the next few blog posts, I'll give you details on everything being announced but for this post, I'll give you a high level overview. 


If you head over to the full blog post, you can read about the new MSA 1040, updates to the number 1 NAS platform under $10,000 - HP StoreEasy, and an update to HP StoreOnce.  And since everything we've announced fits nicely under Simply StoreIT, our program designed for small and midsize business, I'll include my new Simply StoreIT ChalkTalk.  And again, go to the full blog post and check back this week to get the details on the news.

The HP MSA - it keeps going and going and going!

Back in May, we introduced the MSA 2040, the fourth generation of the MSA.  It was (and I think still is) the first entry SAN array with 16Gigabit FC.  The MSA 2040 is 3-4X faster (depending on the workload) than the MSA 2000 G3 and other competitive entry arrays.  We also added support for SSD with the 2040 and increased the small form factory scalability to 199 HDDs.  


Now were tweaking the MSA 2040 a bit more.  Check out the full blog post to get the details and to watch the MSA portfolio overview ChalkTalk.

More on MSA 2040 and replay of webcast with David Scott

Slide3.PNGEarlier today (ok, really yesterday now), we announced the new MSA 2040, the 4th generation of the very successful MSA family.  I think the ChalkTalk I did, which I'll include again in this post, is a good high-level overview and you definitely need to check it out if you haven't already. 


But I was getting a few questions on Twitter about getting more technical details on the MSA 2040.  We won't have those details to share until June - but I did get an early look at the QuickSpecs and wanted to share a few things from it with you.


Here is what the MSA 2040 Small Form Factor (SFF), Large Form Factor (LFF), and rear view with two SAN controllers installed looks like. 


I've got more details on this blog post so click over to it for more.

Announcing a new MSA and Simply StoreIT

I've got news to share with you today and I've put it into a couple of ChalkTalks.  At a high level, the news today is:


  • We're introducing the MSA2040, the fourth generation of the MSA that is up to 4X faster than the MSA2000 G3 and competitive entry arrays.  It's the first entry SAN with 16Gb FC and has very cool data in-place upgrade capabilities.
  • There are enhancements to our HP StoreEasy Storage - this is file and application storage based on Windows Storage Server 2012.  Then enhancements include a new provisioning wizard that makes HP StoreEasy Storage even easier!
  • HP Simply StoreIT is a channel-exclusive program focused on helping SMBs with solutions for virutalization, file sharing, Microsoft Exchange and SQL Server, and backup and data protection.

Here's the overview ChalkTalk but be sure to check the blog post as there's more details there.


Lastly, I want to invite you to join me and Sr VP and GM of HP Storage David Scott.  Today at 10:30 AM PDT (that's 1:30 PM EDT), I'll host a live webcast with David and we'll talk about this announcement today.  I'm again partnering with my friends at; you can download a calendar reminder or if you miss the live broadcast, watch the replay at

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