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Updates to the X9000 IBRIX Scale-out NAS solution

Today, I'll give you an overview of the X9000 IBRIX Network Storage System with Patrick Osborne.  Whenever I have X9000 questions, Patrick is the expert I turn to.  He was with IBRIX four years and now has been working on the solution for 6 years. 


Checkout the 3parfarley's screencast on EMC buying Isilon

CartoonCalvin100X100.JPG By Calvin Zito, aka @HPStorageGuy

My colleague Marc Farley has a very good screencast giving his analysis of EMC's proposed acquisition of Isilon.  It's titled "What was surprising about EMC's bid for Isilon".  It sounds like an episode of "Lost".  Anyway, I just wanted to point you to Marc's video.  I had a recent article on the same topic of EMC buying Isilon a couple of weeks ago too if you didn't already see that.


Hope those of you in the U.S. are having a great Thanksgiving weekend!  Oh, and Go Boise State! 



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HP Wins Storage magazine/’s Quality Award for Mid-range NAS

  By Calvin Zito, @HPStorageGuy

I wanted to congratulate our HP StorageWorks NAS team.  Recently, the editors of Storage Magazine/ issued their Quality Awards for NAS Systems. HP StorageWorks beat out NetApp, and their three year run, and took the award for Midrange NAS. The X1000 and X3000 Network Storage Systems, formerly the ProLiant Storage Servers and All-in-One Storage Systems, ranked #1 in five of the six categories that included product features, reliability, sales-force competence, technical support and initial product quality. HP's quality hardware, our partnership with Microsoft and HP's own Automated Storage Manager (ASM) software has made for a feature-rich and customer friendly NAS appliance. 

As for the Enterprise NAS results, where our Clustered Gateway (recently renamed the X5000), 4400 Scalable NAS and ExDS9100 (recently replaced by the X9720 Network Storage System) competed, HP led in the categories of technical support, and repeat business with 97% of respondents saying they would buy our products again and in the overall rankings we came in a close 3rd behind IBM and NetApp.  The results of the fourth cycle of the NAS Quality Awards were derived from a survey of 340 qualified readers who rated 626 products/product lines.

We would like to send a big thank you to our customers for participating in the survey and rating us so well. Please check out the survey results and see what customers had to say about our products.

You can read the Storage Magazine Quality Awards for NAS Systems article by clicking here. Here's also a link to a PDF version of the ranking categories that is a bit easier to read.

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Tech Ed Days 4 & 5

By Ian Selway, WW Solution Marketing Manager


So as day 5 is really only a short day, I’ve waited to send my day 4 comments and I’m combining the summary of days 4 and 5 here at TechEd Berlin. Overnight the Wednesday to the Thursday, our stand designers added a whole bunch of balloons to celebrate the 20th anniversary of HP’s ProLiant range of servers. All day we also had cupcakes on the stand that not only reminded delegates of the occasion but also helped attract folks to the stand. I’ve attached a picture of the HP stand all decked out with balloons. Of course the other big news from overnight was the announcement of HP’s intention to acquire 3Com. We had expected a lot of questions from those attending. I’m not sure what the experience of others was, but I don’t think (aside from HP folks asking) that I had a single question asked. I guess everyone is so busy focusing on the bigger things happening between Microsoft and HP.

Not your grandfather’s NAS…

By Dirk Kunselman, Product Manager

If I ask you to tell me the first thing that comes to mind when I mention NAS, you might reference high-end (and expensive) file serving appliances.  Or you might mention consumer-class devices that are becoming more prevalent at your local electronics retailer.  Or you might say that you know it's like a SAN, only different.  You might even reveal that he's your favorite rapper.  Oops, you lost me.

Fact is, NAS (Network Attached Storage) is often misunderstood and more frequently underappreciated.  Most folks associate it with files, but as NAS has evolved, it's taken on more than just file protocols and print services.  The term is now almost synonymous with (and sometimes even replaced by) unified-or combined file and block-storage.  It's a great story, especially for small environments: why just network and consolidate one type of data when you can serve files for your clients and blocks for your servers all from the same storage system?   

That's where the new HP StorageWorks X1000 and X3000 Network Storage Systems come in.  They're NAS devices, yes; but moreover, they're unified storage systems since they all include an iSCSI Target standard.  An X1000 model can be that single storage consolidation platform by itself, while an X3000 Gateway can turn an existing array or SAN into a unified consolidation solution (utilizing both SAN and Ethernet connections) by adding IP-based file and/or iSCSI protocols to it.

NAS isn't just about sharing files any more--it's about sharing information.

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