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Einstein's Trunk author Jim Haberkorn

Jim Haberkorn.pngAbout once a month, I'm doing something I call "Now for something completely different" - where I step away from storage and technology and have what I hope you think is an interesting discussion. This version is with my HP colleague Jim Haberkorn who has written a fiction novel called Einstein's Trunk.


JEinsteins-Trunk_2x3.jpgim and I talk about why he took up writing a book in the podcast and also talks a bit about the storyline in Einstein's Trunk.  I bought it for my Kindle several months ago, got busy and wasn't able to read it until late summer.  Once I started reading it, I couldn't put it down.  The main character is a bit of a cross between Indiana Jones and Jason Bourne.  I really enjoyed it and thought talking to Jim about his book would make for a great "Now for something completely different" podcast.

Encouraging aha moments - finding creativity in unexpected places

0.jpgA couple of months ago I did my first ATSB Now For Something Completely Different podcast - where I featured a local Boise indie musician Naomi Psalm - a local artist who's music I really enjoy (and I got to go see her in concert at a local coffee shop recently too).  The idea for these is to hit a topic that has little to do with storage or technology but is still interesting.  Judging from the views of my first one, many of you found it appealing.


Today, I want to do my next iteration Now For Something Completely Different and its a very engaging conversation that I had with D_1205_058_008sized.jpgBoise State Professor Nancy Napier.  Nancy had come to HP early this summer and gave a presentation about creativity research she has done through the Centre for Creativity and Innovation at Boise State. 


I recorded this podcast about a month ago but Nancy and I wanted to wait until today to publish it because today is dedication day for the Micron Business and Economics Building at Boise State - where I did the podcast with Nancy. 

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