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More bloggers perspective on HP Storage Tech Day

Tech Day bloggers.jpgWith the announcement we had this past week, I haven't had time to fit in a final wrap up on our HP Tech Day from the bloggers' perspective.  I had a post a couple of weeks ago with the blogs they'd written up to that point; I want to do one last blog post pointing to the rest of the blog posts both from the the Tech Day and from Nth Symposium.  So here's what I see:


Nate Amsden,  Nate gets the prize for the most blog post.  He is a blogging machine.  And we're not talking about a couple of paragraphs summarizing a keynote.  If you want to dig deep into our Tech Day and Nth Symposium, read Nate's blog!


See the full blog post as there are lots of other blog posts you can check out.

HP CEO Meg Whitman at Nth Symposium

Meg at Nth 1.jpgI want to take a break from our news this past week to bring you Meg Whitman's keynote from Nth Symposium a couple of weeks ago.  As a long time HP employee, Meg is by far the most inspiring CEO I have ever seen at HP.  And I've seen more than a few (in fact 7 in my 30 years). 


I'm a bit embarrassed to say I actually haven't seen an entire keynote that she's given until this one.  At HP Discover, I've generally had so much going on that I missed our keynotes.  I watched some of it on a big screen from the Blogger Lounge in Vegas - the keynote that Kevin Bacon kicked off - but Meg's keynote at Nth is the first time I've seen her at an event.


I talked to Connect CMO Nina Buik after Meg's keynote.  In her role at Connect - the independent HP users group - Nina gets to go to many events and in fact told me she's probably seen most of Meg's keynotes.  Nina told me it was the best keynote Meg has given. 


The new style of IT

Meg focused on the big trends and HP's vision for the future - the new style of IT.  I loved that as she set up the conversation she talked about HP 3PAR and the software-defined datacenter.  Joe Kovar from Computer Reseller News has a very good summary of her keynote.   I personally loved hearing Meg say, "Invention and innovation are the core values of HP and they are in our DNA.... and it's very hard to kill founder DNA."  She also had a great tidbit of information when she said, "There's been more information created in the last 12 hours than from the beginning of time until 2003."   Wow! 


Here's the video of Meg's keynote that my friends at Nth Generation  captured.

Revisiting the HP 3PAR StoreServ architecture advantages for flash

Last week I had a blog post with a video of the keynote that David Scott delivered at the Nth Symposium in Anaheim.  Given my daughter left for her freshman year in college and is now living a few miles from Anaheim, I wish I was there now too.  But this post isn't about me and my daughter so let me get to the point.


Nate Amsden was one of the bloggers I brought to our Tech Day and Nth Symposium.  He left a comment on that blog saying this:


I really did like the bit David touched on about how EMC/IBM/NetApp evaluated their architectures for SSD support and realized they couldn't do it with what they had. I obviously knew all of that already but had never really thought of it in that way before.

polymorphic 3PAR.pngI liked it too and thought it would be worth cutting out that part of David's keynote and giving it to you as a short podcast.  What was great to hear David talk about and I think what resonated with Nate was the fact that EMC, IBM, and NetApp all needed new architectures to support high-performing flash.  In the case of both EMC and IBM, they acquired technology.  In the case of NetApp, they have a project that they hope will give them a flash-optimized array. 


As you'll hear David discuss - HP 3PAR is optimized for flash and that's why bloggers at HP Discover in 2012 heard HP say we would not be acquiring a flash-based array vendor.  Doesn't it make sense to have a single architecture that can address when value matters, when performance matters and when scale matters?  Here's the snippet from David's keynote.

David Scott keynote from Nth Symposium

At the Nth Symposium last week, David Scott (Sr VP and GM of HP Storage) gave a keynote that Jeffrey Powers (@Geekazine) captured.   David's keynote focused on the transformation happening at HP Storage.   He focused on our Converged Storage strategy and talked about our common architecture approach that it's driving.  He also talked about the software-defined data center and how we in HP Storage view this. 


If you watched Jeffrey's live-stream of our HP Tech Day, you might have seen my presentation that kicked off the event.  I talked about one of the reasons I'm so excited to be a part of HP Storage is I believe we have a winning strategy and David's presentation is a great proof point of that.  Check it out!

HP Storage Tech Day in the bloggers words

Tech Day bloggers.jpgWe've wrapped up our HP Storage Tech Day and I have PHPTDB - Post HP Tech Day Blues!  Actually, I'm enjoying the weekend in Southern California with my family and about to head to Chuck's in Belmont Shores where we love to have breakfast on the beach. 


Before we head off to Chuck's, I wanted to point you to a few of the blog posts from our guest bloggers.  So let me jump right in!


Nate Amsden, 


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