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Hot storage trends that will transform your data center

On Wednesday, I will be hosting (well, I should say introducing) another webcast, this time with our VP and Chief Technologist Milan Shetti.  Milan lives in New Hampshire and as they say in New England is "wicked smart".  His webcast is titled "Hot storage trends that will transform your enterprise". 


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(Editor's note: the webcast has happened and you can watch it by clicking on the image or go to the full blog post).

HP Storage and OpenStack news

Slide13sm.pngA couple weeks ago I had a couple of blog posts from our HP Converged Cloud Tech Day in Puerto Rico. One of the topics that we focused on was HP Storage and OpenStack.  Today we're making official that our HP Converged Storage portfolio, including HP 3PAR StoreServ and HP StoreVirtual, now support OpenStack technology across both iSCSI and Fibre Channel protocols. 


Today we're announcing that HP submitted the blueprint for Fibre Channel connectivity with OpenStack's Grizzly platform which was accepted as a part of the OpenStack Cinder project.  HP delivered the Fibre Channel connectivity software to OpenStack and today marks its official release. 


There's more details in my blog post so check it out!

HP Storage and OpenStack

In my last blog post I included a video and downloadable podcast of Patrick Osborne (Director of Product Management) giving an overview of HP Storage for the Converged Cloud.


Today's post is another video from the Converged Cloud Tech Day.  Sam Fineberg is a Distinguished Technologist in the HP Storage Office of the CTO.  He gives an overview of what HP Storage is doing with OpenStack, specifically around iSCSI with HP StoreVirtual (formerly HP LeftHand), iSCSI with HP 3PAR StoreServ and working to include Fibre Channel in the next release of OpenStack called Grizzly.  Click over to the blog to watch the video or there's also an audio MP3 that you can download for your listening pleasure.


Blogger Q & A

As with all of our Tech Days, there was a Q&A with the bloggers during our Storage for the Converged Cloud session.  The bloggers asked some great questions and this led to a really good discussion. This portion of the session was about 20 minutes.  You can download that portion of the session here.  

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