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Stress-free data migration with HP StoreVirtual Peer Motion

By Jessica Burton, Marketing Manager, HP Software-Defined Storage


Does the very thought of data migration make you sweat and want to hide?  


We’ve got an easy way out with StoreVirtual Peer Motion. Watch how you can seamlessly migrate your data and even swap clusters non-disruptively with only 6 clicks. Relax—and learn more about this simple data mobility technology.


Think data migration is a chore? Just the opposite with 3PAR Storage Federation and Peer Motion.

By Usman Kidwai, 3PAR StoreServ Senior Product Manager @usmankidwai


FederatedStorage.jpgDelivering non-disruptive data mobility – DIY and easy too

This 3PAR Thursday, I would like to focus specifically on data migration and how we make it easy with Peer Motion. HP 3PAR Peer Motion is the first appliance-less, non-disruptive, do-it-yourself (DIY) data migration tool for enterprise storage.


With Peer Motion, we don’t require consulting services (but they are available if you choose) to migrate data. Our DIY approach makes data migration simple and inexpensive. Customers are using Peer Motion to migrate their data without complex planning exercises or any outage windows. You can move data from one 3PAR StoreServ system to another while hosts and applications continue to operate completely as normal and without any disruption.


HP LeftHand P4000 Peer Motion demo

I really enjoyed doing the hands on I'll show you today.  I used Peer Motion software to do a cluster swap and volume migration.  As I was doing this I thought it would be awesome so have a video playing on the volume that was part of the cluster swap or volume migration - so you can see that this happened without impacting the "users" - in this case me.


First a little background on Peer Motion

There's a new white paper about Peer Motion that is almost finished - so instead of me trying to be creative in talking about it, here's an excerpt from the paper:


Peer Motion is HP’s data migration technology which offers HP LeftHand users two simple and flexible methods of moving data volumes within a LeftHand SAN. Those methods are volume migration and cluster swap.  Volume Migration and Cluster Swap employ storage federated software, to transparently move application workloads between tiers of data storage and/or storage clusters in a LeftHand environment. Peer Motion on HP LeftHand supports all P4000 storage models - spanning from the P4000 Virtual SAN Appliance (VSA) to the midrange and high performance P4000 storage systems.


Introducing the HP P10000 3PAR Storage System

In another podcast covering our August 23 storage announcement, this edition covers the new P10000 3PAR Storage System with Beth Joseph.  I've known Beth for a while and she's one of our top product managers.  We cover a lot of topics in this podcast focusing on what's new with our 3PAR platform.  Here's the podcast with Beth:


Storage Federation and Peer Motion

My last post was an overview of the HP Storage announcement on August 23.  Today I have another podcast with Craig Nunes to talk in a bit more detail about Storage Federation and Peer Motion.  Here's the podcast:


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