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HP 3PAR Peer Persistence: Persistent Ports

Diagram1.jpgBy Andre Carpenter, senior solutions architect, HP Technology Services  @andrecarpenter


Back in May of this year, I wrote about HP 3PAR Peer Persistence v1, prior to v2 being certified and released in July.  With version 2, VMware Storage Metrocluster (or vMSC), Peer Persistence v2 is now a fully certified Fibre Channel-based architecture for use in highly available scenarios in stretch VMware environments.  

It’s a different way for how storage architects and practitioners think about storage in a virtual data centre context and how RPO\RTOS are becoming more and more achievable through such developments. Whilst I will leave that topic for another day, I do want to continue this series of posts with its second part – Persistent Ports.

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