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Summer interns at HP Storage in Boise

Lil_Fooj and 3PAR.jpgHP has a long tradition of hiring college interns over the summer and we have several working here this summer.  I did a podcast with a couple of them - two college students that I'm familiar with because one went to high school with my daughter and the other is the daughter of an HP employee that I have worked with.over the years.  


Go to the full blog post to listen to the podcast or download it here


HP is also doing a fun social media competition with five of the summer interns in the U.S, including @Lil_Fooj who is on the podcast. It's called the Twiterns.  Basically, it's based on which intern gets the most likes, re-tweets, etc. on their social media accounts.  You can see what the Twiterns are doing on Twitter. They have also been using Twitern as a hashtag so there's some interesting pictures there too.


A great place to learn more about internships and careers at HP is @HPCareers twitter account.  Follow them - I do!

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Big trends discussion with Nth Generation CTO Dan Molina

California Adventure Day time.jpgAn annual event for me is the Nth Symposium - it's an event I really like to attend because my friends at Nth Generation in Southern California have a rich event with a lot of content - something as blogger I'm always looking for.  One thing that Nth has focused on over the years is education and it's reflected in Nth Symposium.


I first met Nth Generation CTO Dan Molina at HP Tech Forum (predecessor to HP Discover) in 2010.  Dan is a technologist at heart and whenever I talked to him, I learn something.  He was at HP Discover and one of the last things I did before leaving Las Vegas was this podcast with him. 


Here's a high-level summary of what we discussed:


  1. Big Data - is it real or still a buzzword?
  2. New IT reality
  3. The importance of security
  4. Cloud - clearly no longer a buzzword
  5. Overview of Nth Symposium in Anaheim

ExactTarget and HP 3PAR StoreServ at HP Discover

Pete Robinson is from ExactTarget and I was able to talk to Pete about the experience he's had with HP 3PAR StoreServ at ExactTarget.  This is a great case study in how HP 3PAR really is a game changer.  Pete talks about the challenges ExactTarget faced using traditional arrays.  This podcast is definitely worth 6 minutes of your time!


VMware VMUG explained - Danish style!

The next few weeks are going to be incredible for me.  HP Discover is just around the corner and that is a great time being at the event with our customers, partners, HP colleagues, and the indie bloggers. 


Liseolette and Calvin.jpgThe day after Discover ends, I jump on an airplane for a trip to Europe.  I'll be mixing work and pleasure stopping in Germany, Paris, Italy, and Denmark.  Denmark is what started the whole thing - I was asked to speak at the Denmark VMUG (VMware Users Group) meeting in Copenhagen by the Denmark VMUG leader Liselotte Foverskov.  I got to meet up with Liselotte a couple of weeks ago when I was in Las Vegas for the 72 Hours of Yes we did.  She was gracious to do a podcast with me and in it she talks a bit about VMUG and more specifically what they do at the Denmark VMUG.  Go to the post to listen to the podcast.




Speaking of HP Discover, we have a webcast on June 10 from Las Vegas - it will be a group of customers in a panel discussion and I think you'll find it very interesting.  You can register by clicking here or on the image.   Have a great weekend!


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Securing backup data with HP StoreOnce

If you've noticed, we've been running two weekly series here on ATSB: 3PAR Thursday and BURA Sunday.  This was an ingenious idea on my part to get other people contributing to the blog.  If you haven't seen some of these really good posts from our experts, you should take a look at them. 


I've let the StoreOnce team take a break this Sunday (even though most of the team is in the UK and it's a long weekend here in the U.S.).  For our BURA Sunday post today, I have a ShortTake on security for HP StoreOnce.  Since the guys on the StoreOnce team did the ShortTake, I told them I'd be happy to post it for them today.  And besides that, Ken Brockelman who you'll hear in this ShortTake, is also enjoying a long, Memorial Day weekend. 


As with other ShortTakes, I have the audio you can listen to and slides you can click through.  To listen to the audio, head over to the full blog post.





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