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Adaptive Backup and Recovery from HP

spellicy.jpgLast week many of my colleagues around the world came together in Phoenix for what was a really incredible week of celebrating our accomplishments and planning on how we continue the success.  One of the people there was Stephen Spellicy, my fellow vExpert and the director of product management in HP Autonomy for data protection solutions.  There's a lot of collaboration between our teams as we have a strong focus on Backup, Recovery, and Archive (BURA) solutions.


I took the opportunity to talk to Stephan about the solutions he manages and to learn about something I've been hearing a lot lately, Adaptive Backup and Recovery.  In the podcast Stephan talks about the three primary products in his portfolio, discusses how HP StoreOnce and Data Protector are working closely together and then gives an overview of Adaptive Backup and Recovery - a topic that I'll talk to him again as we get closer to HP Discover in June. 

HP and VMware talking Horizon 6.0 podcast

VMware Horizon 6.jpgI had the pleasure of hosting a podcast that touched on today's news from VMware on Horizon 6.0. My guests were Drew Koerner, Chief Healthcare Solutions Architect from VMware and Pete Brey, a solution manager from HP.  In the podcast, Drew gave an overview of VMware's news today around Horizon 6.0. We followed that with a discussion about the collaboration between HP and VMware on the AlwaysOn Point of Care.


In the podcast, we mentioned a Reference Architecture and as soon as I have a link to that, I'll do another blog post and add the link to this post.  I also have a ChalkTalk that gives a short overview of the VMware and HP Mobile Care solution so I'll share that with you as well.   Check the full blog post to get the podcast and ChalkTalk.

Why is HP 3PAR StoreServ selling like hotcakes?


I love hotcakes! When I was a child, I looked forward to opportunities I had to stay over night at my Uncle Jim and Aunt Mary's house.  Uncle Jim was a cook in the army during World War II and made the best hotcakes I've ever had.  It used to be a contest to see how many I could eat.  Now these weren't tiny hotcakes but probably 6-8" in diameter.  I remember one time I ate 23 and that was the record. 


Why did I want them so much - because he had some secret ingredients he put into this hotcakes that made them stand out head and shoulders above any others.  I feel the same way about HP 3PAR StoreServ.  And I've been talking about my confidence in our portfolio and that things were going to turn around.  Well, my patience has paid off.  Neither me or anyone else at HP Storage is doing a victory lap but I can't help but feel great about what's been happening. 


I have a podcast with Chris Champagne.  Chris was the first 3PAR representative in Canada and continues to be a leader in HP Storage in Canada.  Chris sent me an email a few weeks ago showing me the IDC Q4 2013 STorage Tracker, for Mid-Range SAN Storage Revenue for Canada.  The results blew me away and I told Chris we had to do a podcast to talk about it.  In the podcast we talk about more than the results so give it a listen. 

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HP 3PAR StoreServ in South Africa

P1030801.JPGIn my previous blog post, I told you a bit about my trip to South Africa that included a trip to Kruger National Park and a podcast with HP Storage partner Aptronics.  If you haven't seen it, the discussion with Aptronics was really good and the videos and pictures I got of the the wildlife at Kruger is amazing.  I wanna go back soon!


Today I have another podcast - this time with HP Storage partner SYSDBA.  SYSDBA has an interesting story - they didn't originally have expertise in storage.  They were looking at how to grow their business and after looking at 3PAR (long before HP acquired it), they became the exclusive partner in South Africa for 3PAR.  Here's the podcast with SYSDBA.


You cam download this podcast with right click here and save the MP3 file or head over to the full blog post where there's more info and you can listen to the podcast there. 

HP Storage in South Africa - and a few wild animals!

P1030646.JPGTo say I was a little excited about being invited to speak at a customer event by our HP Storage team in South Africa is a bit understated.  When they first asked me, I asked them "do you really mean me"?  Well, they did and I'm back from an unbelievable trip.  In this post, I'll briefly talk about all the fun I had, point to video and pictures I have of my weekend at Kruger National Park and share a podcast I did with Aptronics, an HP partner I met with in Johannesburg.


Planes, trains, and automobiles

Ok - the only train I took was between terminals at an airport but it was a very long trip for me to get to entrance of Kruger National Park in South Africa.  42 hours to be exact.  I didn't pay attention to the itinerary I booked and had a 7 hour layover in San Francisco.  That ended up being a good thing because I did get a bunch of things done preparing for the event in Johannesburg. 


I flew into Johannesburg, South Africa and caught a small commuter plane to Nelspruit where I rented a car and headed for the Crocodile Bridge entrance into Kruger National Park.


To see videos and pictures I have of the animals along with the podcast, go to the full blog post.

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