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Meet the new HP Storage D3000 Disk Enclosure

I had said I was done with HP Global Partner Conference blog posts and technical I am!  We are always updating products and working on new ones - and when we do an announcement like we did at GPC, we just can't talk about everything.  One of the things that quietly made it's way on to without any fanfare was our HP Storage D3000 Disk Enclosures. 


I asked Pushkala Atri to do a ShortTake to give an introduction to this new family of disk enclosures and today I want to share it with you.  Here's a brief introduction to the D3000 (from the data sheet):


The HP D3000 Disk Enclosures are ideal for your small application environments, remote offices, and departmental locations. The new 12 Gb SAS enclosures—large form factor (LFF) D3600 Disk Enclosure with 12 drive bays and small form factor (SFF) D3700 Disk Enclosure with 25 drive bays—offer flexible, modular solutions to simplify capacity expansion of HP ProLiant and BladeSystem server environments and MSA arrays (SFF only) to external storage without having to make the full move to SAN or NAS. This allows you to buy what is needed today and purchase additional capacity as your data storage needs grow. 



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Announcing a new MSA and Simply StoreIT

I've got news to share with you today and I've put it into a couple of ChalkTalks.  At a high level, the news today is:


  • We're introducing the MSA2040, the fourth generation of the MSA that is up to 4X faster than the MSA2000 G3 and competitive entry arrays.  It's the first entry SAN with 16Gb FC and has very cool data in-place upgrade capabilities.
  • There are enhancements to our HP StoreEasy Storage - this is file and application storage based on Windows Storage Server 2012.  Then enhancements include a new provisioning wizard that makes HP StoreEasy Storage even easier!
  • HP Simply StoreIT is a channel-exclusive program focused on helping SMBs with solutions for virutalization, file sharing, Microsoft Exchange and SQL Server, and backup and data protection.

Here's the overview ChalkTalk but be sure to check the blog post as there's more details there.


Lastly, I want to invite you to join me and Sr VP and GM of HP Storage David Scott.  Today at 10:30 AM PDT (that's 1:30 PM EDT), I'll host a live webcast with David and we'll talk about this announcement today.  I'm again partnering with my friends at; you can download a calendar reminder or if you miss the live broadcast, watch the replay at

Time for a new maturity model for small and midsize businesses

By Britt Terry, product marketing and resident HP Storage expert for small and midsize business


Britt_photo.jpgLast week I talked about the challenges that keep you up at night. Today I wanted to take a few minutes to introduce a “maturity model” concept which we’ll be using to help you address the specific challenges you are facing and the one just over the horizon.  Through a set of solution-based maturity models, we’ll help you address not only today’s challenges but also to foresee the next wave of issues before they even hit.  Sounds a bit like a crystal ball but it’s not.


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Question for SMBs: What top 3 challenges keep you up at night?

By Britt Terry, product marketing and resident SMB storage expert, HP Storage

Britt_photo.jpgHere I am—as promised in last week’s Around the Storage Block post. Today, I’m kicking off my blog series by delving into the challenges that keep you from getting a good night’s sleep. Now the three categories of challenges I’m going to talk about here are something every business faces, regardless of size. But for small or midsize business like yours, tackling them day in and day out has its own special set of issues. Do they sound familiar? Or are other issues rising to the top of your list? Weigh in here.


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Introducing Britt Terry to lead our discussion on SMB. Join in!

By Melissa Saegert Elicker, editor, HP Storage

Britt_2.jpgIn the coming weeks, we’ll be welcoming Britt Terry, product marketing manager (and SMB expert) for HP Storage, to Around the Storage Block. Britt will be focusing on the challenges facing SMBs today.  To get the ball rolling – and to get you knowing Britt – this post includes some excerpts from an online interview he gave recently on The Standard Channel. We’ve also got registration details on the live May13 web event where you can learn more about Simply StoreIT and how to tackle the biggest IT issues you are facing today.

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