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Virtual Connect and Simple SAN Connection Manager

I just saw a new post over on our Eye on Blades blog talking about Virtual Connect and Simple SAN Connection Manager software.  I recently had a power podcast with Dan Watt, product manager for our SN6000 stackable switch.  We touched on the Simple SAN Connection Manager (SSCM) software so I thought it was great timing to see this post talking about Virtual Connect and SSCM enterprise software.   As a refresher, here's a link to the SN6000 power podcast that will start at the point where we discussed SSCM. 


The article on Eye on Blades is short, giving a brief description of Virtual Connect, Virtual Connect Enterprise Management software, and SSCM software so please check it out.  The post also includes a link to a solution brief that goes into a deeper discussion - and here's a link to that solution brief.  It's another great proof point of Converged Infrastructure.

Stackable Fibre Channel Switches - the SN6000

Today on my blog I have a Power Podcast talking about the SN6000 Stackable Switch with the product manager Dan Watt. 


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