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Make the Most of What You've Got with StoreVirtual VSA

SDS Environment.pngA few weeks ago, I did an post that discussed StoreVirtual VSA for beginners.  Today, I want to continue that discussion. We've talked about StoreVirtual VSA and the related topic of software-defined storage a lot but given all the views the first post got, we thought a follow-up would be relevant and useful. And after all, it's Software-Defined Saturday!


Making the most of what you’ve got – add StoreVirtual VSA storage

In the past, data storage meant you needed storage hardware. In 2007, software-defined storage (SDS) wasn't a term being used in the industry. IT administrators kept up with data growth one box at a time, adding new physical storage devices to meet the every growing capacity needed, each device taking up space in the data center and increasing energy costs.



HP StoreVirtual VSA: An introduction

SDS.pngI've been spending a lot of time on SpiceWorks for almost a year. And one of the topics that comes up repeatedly is explaining what a VSA is. If you've been reading ATSB for a while, you probably have a good idea what it is but from what I've seen on SpiceWorks, many of you would benefit from an post on the topic.  So today's post will serve as a bit of an introduction to StoreVirtual VSA and I'll pull StoreOnce VSA into the discussion as well.


What exactly is VSA? 
Software-defined storage (SDS) is storage functionality that is not delivered in a specific chassis—it is delivered as software. As you might have noticed, it's been getting a lot of attention over the past couple of years.

When SDS was in its infancy, single CPU servers could generally manage only one virtual machine, often paying a penalty of performance. IT managers were reluctant to adopt SDS, instead adding new physical storage devices to meet their business needs.

Today, IT departments have very robust SDS options, in part because server capacity and performance have increased enormously. And of course, while the servers were getting beefed up, virtual storage technology was advancing at a fast pace.


Let's talk Hyper-Converged

Earlier this week, I was able to get Mark Peters to join me on a webcast. Mark is a Senior Analyst and Practice Manager at ESG. Joining us was Rob Strechay. Rob is the director of product management and marketing for Software-defined Storage, Hyper-converged, and Manageability.


As you can tell from the title of this post, the focus of the webcast was Hyper-converged. In the webcast, Mark shares recent research ESG has done.

Here's a few of the topics we discussed:

  • Adoption of hyper-converged infrastructure and software-defined storage (SDS)
  • What are the differences between hyper-converged and SDS and how are they related
  • What are the benefits that are driving hyper-converged
  • Challenges to implementing hyper-converged
  • How HP is addressing hyper-converged and SDS
  • HP has two hyper-converged solutions - one based on VMware EVO:RAIL and the other that uses StoreVirtual VSA - why are there two solutions


Off-the-beaten path: Interesting software-defined use cases

By Kate Davis, WW Marketing Manager, HP Software-Defined Storage   @KateAtHP


HP_StoreVirtual_VSA_RGB_blue.pngAs more and more companies deploy software-defined storage, I love hearing about the different opportunities customers can take advantage of with StoreVirtual VSA and virtualized servers. So today I’m going to share a couple with you. Enjoy!

HP StoreOnce VSA – how our software-defined data protection just got better!

By Ashwin Shetty, Product Marketing, HP Storage   @ashwinkshetty


StoreOnce_Icon_28220x160_29_tcm245_1675986_tcm245_1675985_tcm245-1675986.jpgBack in December at HP Discover, we made some very significant announcements for our StoreOnce Backup platform, including HP StoreOnce Recovery Manager Central, enhanced integration with Symantec NBU and Reporting Central. Along with these, we have also expanded our StoreOnce VSA portfolio.


Why deploy software-defined storage to protect your data?

The exponential growth of data has forced your organization to look for cost-effective data protection solutions for your virtualized environments whether in the data center or in small and remote offices. Most vendors provide data deduplication solutions that require dedicated storage hardware. This isn’t always a cost-effective solution for remote/virtualized environments. To address this issue while providing greater flexibility, HP has extended the StoreOnce family to provide a software-defined backup solution: HP StoreOnce VSA.This BURA Sunday, I’m sharing all the StoreOnce enhancement details.

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