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Something completely different: Naomi Psalm

Every once in a while a go totally off topic - maybe it's something I'll do a bit more often if you guys appreciate these rabbit trails.  A couple years ago on Memorial Day weekend, I did a post talking about my Dad who was a POW in World War II Germany


I love music. Lately, I've been searching for new artists - up-and-coming independent artist (meaning they don't have a contract with a big record label).  While searching one of those sites, I found a local Boise musician named Naomi Psalm (Psalm really is her middle name).  I had downloaded a couple of her songs for free and then I bought her latest CD called "Stare".  I found myself listening to the six song EP daily and sometimes more than once a day.  I sent Naomi a couple of tweets telling her how much I liked her CD and suggested that we should do a podcast and she agreed.  Here's that podcast I did with Naomi:


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