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Moving beyond traditional backup and archiving

I hosted a webcast on BrightTalk recently titled "Moving beyond traditional backup & archiving" - and I wanted to make that webcast broadly available.  In order to watch it on BrightTalk, you have to have a BrightTalk account so I wanted to give you that webcast here.  So here's what I did - I have the slides I used from the webcast on SlideShare and the audio is on my podcast - and both posted here.


The first 15 minutes or so of the webcast is Jason Buffington, a Sr Analyst with ESG sharing some really good research around what customers are doing today with backup.  Jason has a ton of experience in backup and has some great insights.




The last part of the webcast features David Scott, SVP and GM of HP Storage talking a bit about our portfolio.  You'll hear David talk about the HP StoreOnce portfolio, focused on backup, and HP StoreAll, for archiving.

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Backup, Recovery, and Archive (BURA) updates from HP Discover

If you were paying attention before HP Discover, I had started talking about the BURA Challenge.  And if you watched the discussions coming from HP Discover, BURA was a hot topic as we totally refreshed both the StoreOnce and StoreAll product lines.  Jake Ludington was in the Blogger Lounge doing short video interviews.  I asked Patrick Osborne to walk through the announcements with Jake.  Patrick is the Director of Product Management and Marketing for StoreOnce, StoreAll, and StoreEver and does a great job giving a summary of the BURA news in under 9 minutes! He and Jake got pretty geeky talking about StoreAll Express Query.


Hopefully you saw the ChalkTalks I did on each of these product enhancements but here they are again for you:

There's also a short video with David Scott talking BURA - so go to the blog to see the full post.

HP StoreAll Archive - announcement from HP Discover

With HP Discover last week, I tried as best I could to have ChalkTalks ready for all of our storage announcements.  And I almost made it!  I worked on the final ChalkTalk on my Newark to Barcelona flight but then realized I was missing my HP Storage ChalkTalk introduction video - that 8 seconds or so that is at the beginning of all my ChalkTalks.  I have a Z600 workstation that I use 99% of the time but that doesn't travel easily and I forgot to grab those files for my HP EliteBook engineering workstation. 


But better a couple days late than never - so here's the HP StoreAll Archive ChalkTalk. 

HP Storage Announcement from HP Discover

Well, it's a little bit warmer in Barcelona than it was in Boise, Idaho but that's not the reason I'm feeling warm all over.  If you've been following my blog for more than a few years, it's probably comes as no surprise that we have an HP Storage announcement today from HP Discover in Barcelona.  Actually, HP Discover doesn't start until tomorrow but we got the jump on the announcements and I have the details for you here.


I'll share a ChalkTalk with you that is about a 4 minute overview of our news and over the coming days - in between giving you a view

AllDigital and HP StoreAll Storage

I had a couple previous posts with customers videos that I did at HP Discover.  One of the other customers I talked to AllDigital.  From AllDigital's website:  AllDigital offers digital broadcasting solutions that enable the secure transport of digital media to multiple connected devices simultaneously.


The guys from AllDigital co-presented a session at HP Discover, talking about how they utilize HP StoreAll and I wanted to talk specifically about how they use StoreAll Express Query (a topic I have a few blog posts about that you should check out).  Steve Smith is the VP of Network Services at AllDigital and he helped me understand how they are utilizing the metadata search capabilities with Express Query.  Steve talks about StoreAll being used as the center of the cloud-based digital broadcast services.  Check out the video with Steve.


Everyone has a story to tell

I'm working with my product teams to kickoff a podcast series with you, our HP Storage customers, as the star.  The idea will be to have you talk about your business and how HP Storage is used in your environment.  I know that it can be tough to get corporate approval to talk publicly but to make it easier, we'll keep your corporate/business name out of the discussion if you need to do that.  If you're interested in being a guest on the podcast, drop me an email


This is an abbreviation of the blog post so be sure to click over to see all of it including another video from NAB with AllDigital.

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