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Why settle for less when it comes to retaining, preserving and protecting your data?

By Stephen Bacon, Senior Manager, File and Object Storage Product Management and Marketing


You care about effectively retaining, preserving and protecting your data for numerous reasons. It might be because the volume and value of your organization’s digital assets have grown. It might be because your organization’s workflows have been digitized, and that it enables effective organization operations and governance. Or it might be because you’re compelled to by regulators such as the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Whatever the reason, I encourage you to ask yourself these three questions:

  1. Is your storage optimized for affordably storing, securing, and appropriately sharing file data?
  2. Does your file storage prevent business and user disruption, and protect your data always?
  3. Is your file storage validated to meet SEC requirements while saving you money and time? 

If you answered no or maybe to any of these questions, you are settling for less than what you can get. Find out how HP and iTernity together can help you answer these questions with a big YES.

Updates to HP StoreEasy from GPC

I'm continuing my series of blog posts about the news from our HP Global Partner Conference happening this week in Las Vegas.  I'm having Vegas withdrawals as I haven't been there since June 2013.  Not that Vegas gets me excited but it is an easy flight for me and I found some great off strip restaurants that I really enjoy.  But enough of Missing Las Vegas - lets dive in!


Here you can take a look at ATSB ShortTake #3 - if you head over to the full blog post, there's also a new ChalkTalk and audio you can listen to for the ShortTake.  So head over to the full blog post. 

Storage made easier for small and midsize business

Today is the first day of the HP Global Partner Conference in Las Vegas and with the start of GPC comes news from HP Storage.  Over the next few blog posts, I'll give you details on everything being announced but for this post, I'll give you a high level overview. 


If you head over to the full blog post, you can read about the new MSA 1040, updates to the number 1 NAS platform under $10,000 - HP StoreEasy, and an update to HP StoreOnce.  And since everything we've announced fits nicely under Simply StoreIT, our program designed for small and midsize business, I'll include my new Simply StoreIT ChalkTalk.  And again, go to the full blog post and check back this week to get the details on the news.

Data retention with HP StoreEasy and iTernity iCAS

You ever have a long to-do list and not getting to something on it?  My wife has lots of experience with me on this!  Today I have a ChalkTalk that has been on my to-do list to talk about for 18 months.  I met the guys at our partner iTernity at HP DIscover in Vienna which would have been December 2011.  I got a look at what they were doing and knew it was a great solution for data retention and archiving and that I wanted to talk about it on ATSB. 


I had it as a goal to do something with them at the three HP Discovers since (two in Las Vegas and one in Frankfurt) but I got so busy with our bloggers that I didn't have time.  I at least stopped by their booth at Discover this past June and got a demo of iCAS, their software that integrates with our HP Storage portfolio. 


Today I have a ChalkTalk focused on the solution we have with iTernity iCAS and HP StoreEasy.  I think the ChalkTalk tells the story so check it out.

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HP StoreEasy Storage update

I've had a couple of blog posts this week about our HP Simply StoreIT announcement - focusing on storage for Small and Midsize Business. One of the parts of the announcement I haven't really given adequate attention to is HP StorageEasy Storage. 


From the beginning

If you already know what HP StoreEasy Storage is, skip down to the sub-heading "So what's new?".  We announced HP StoreEasy Storage in November of last year,  Prior to that you may have known it as the X1000 and X3000.  Start with our HP ProLiant DNA, layer on Windows Storage Server 2012, and a few HP additions and you start to get the idea.  One of the first ChalkTalks I did was about StoreEasy - so if you want to get a bit more on what it is, check that out. 


So what's new

I'll just quickly summarize what's new and let you watch the ChalkTalk I have. 

  • Wizard-driven storage provisioning tool
  • Single interface for launching management tasks and utilities
  • Built-in snapshot management for files
  • Choice of Server Core headless mode (shrinks active OS code, reducing virus vulnerability and OS patching)
  • Optional onboard HP Data Protector for hybrid cloud backup/recovery
  • Wizard-based easy gateway clustering for file services with SANs
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