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The Value of HP StoreEver for Archive

By Simon Watkins, Worldwide Tape Product Marketing Manager, HP Storage


SW.JPGArchiving is a key use case for tape.  But how does archive actually differ from backup?  And how can HP StoreEver tape archive solutions help you reduce costs, save time and reduce risk?

Keep in m ind that archive is NOT backup! It’s important to understand that archive and backup are distinct processes with different objectives—each one imposing different requirements on the storage systems that they utilize.

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More storage news from HP Discover

Yesterday we had our press conference and finally sent public with our news.  It's a proud moment for a lot us here who have been working toward the announcements we made yesterday and also a day of relief.  In my blog post yesterday talking about the new all-flash HP 3PAR StoreServ 7450 and StoreOnce VSA, I didn't talk about a couple of other pieces of the announcement that I want to quickly highlight today... because I need to get down to the Blogger Lounge here at Discover.


I have two ChalkTalks, one with enhancements to HP 3PAR StoreServ delivered via a new version of 3PAR OS and the HP StoreEver MSL6480 - head over to the full blog post to check them out.

HP TechCast - lets talk tape storage!

A few weeks ago, Jeffery Powers (@Geekazine) and I did a live HP TechCast with our special guest Jason Buffington, Sr Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. Unfortunately, I forgot to hit the "record" button. It was a fantastic webcast and I didn't record it!

Fortunately Jason was able to join Jeffery and me along with HP LTO expert Bob Conway and we did a redo. We all thought the second go at it was a far better webcast after we got another chance at it.  

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StoreEver Countdown video and some history on StoreOnce

I have way more fun than anyone should doing their job.  On Friday, I took a quick trip to the Bay Area to shoot a couple videos.  Continuing the tradition of my bocce brother Marc Farley, I do the Countdown videos with Pooja.  Pooja is a great sport doing these. 


She had to be at HP Corporate in Palo Alto for a noon meeting so we were looking for a place to do our StoreEver Countdown video - and the obvious location was.... Well, you'll have to watch the video.  I think Pooja really enjoyed our location shoot!  Here's the StoreEver Countdown.



Mark your calendar.pngFinally, don't forget the live HP TechCast this Thursday at 1 PM ET,  10 AM PT.  Along with my co-host @Geekazine Jeffery Powers, we'll be joined by ESG Sr. Analyst Jason Buffington, and long-time HP expert Bob Conway. 

More on HP StoreEver LTO-6

My blog post earlier today was an overview of our HP StoreEver Tape Storage announcement today.  I want to add to that an HP Storage ChalkTalk I have focusing on HP StoreEver LTO-6.  I hope you find these ChalkTalks useful - I have a good time making them (call me a geek!). Here's the LTO-6 ChalkTalk. 


There's also a great announcement website where you can find a lot more content on HP StoreEver Tape Storage - you can find it at


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