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The importance of storage QoS with flash

By Ivan Iannaccone, HP 3PAR StoreServ Product Management   @IvanIannaccone




I love to talk to customers about Priority Optimization. It’s a feature of HP 3PAR StoreServ that allows storage QoS to give you the ability to provision performance as you provision capacity, assuring that your important workloads get expected performance.


The Evaluator Group recently completed an evaluation paper that shows how Priority Optimization can be used in a mission-critical all-flash environment. So this 3PAR Thursday, I’m taking this ideal opportunity to talk a bit more about storage QoS and its importance in all-flash deployments.


Flashification – removing the shackles of yesteryear and enabling business growth

By Paul Haverfield, Principal Technologist HP Storage APJ region   @PaulHavs





What inhibits business growth? Sales reach? Marketing budgets? Product innovation? IT infrastructure? How often do we critically review our internal infrastructure as being a silent or passive growth inhibitor?


Not often enough I would propose. And based upon my 30+ year experiences with storage infrastructure, I believe that storage – being the “forgotten child” of all too many IT departments – is guilty of being a silent or passive business growth inhibitor. Let me share two recent examples of this with you.

Online Import for EMC Storage now brings support for EMC Symmetrix VMAX arrays

By Usman Kidwai, 3PAR StoreServ Senior Product Manager @usmankidwai


In case you missed the announcement blogs at HP Discover last month, we announced support for EMC VMAX arrays with 3PAR Online Import. What’s more, 3PAR Online Import Software comes free for use during the first 180 days with every new HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage system. Interested? On this 3PAR Thursday, I’ll give you all the details you need to now to learn how to minimize disruption and do this data migration yourself in just five easy steps – all while hosts and applications stay online during the data migration process.


HP 3PAR StoreServ: 2014 marked a year of storage innovations

By Ivan Iannaccone, HP 3PAR StoreServ Product Management  @IvanIannaccone


Happy New Year! I have the honor of writing the first storage blog of the year. This time, instead of talking about a new exciting product, I want to focus on what a great year 2014 has been. With two major HP 3PAR OS releases, we have not only brought to our customers groundbreaking features but also some significant innovations to the data storage industry.


A new way to manage your storage infrastructure: HP 3PAR StoreServ Management Console

By Ivan Iannaccone, HP 3PAR StoreServ Product Management  @IvanIannaccone


This year has been pretty amazing! HP 3PAR OS 3.1.3 and HP 3PAR OS 3.2.1 have brought you a lot a new features plus increased resiliency. However there was something missing…a new way to manage your storage infrastructure. Missing no more! With the introduction of our next-gen management console: HP 3PAR StoreServ Management Console, also known as SSMC. Better yet, it’s free of charge for all our HP 3PAR StoreServ customers.

RMC1J.jpg                                   HP 3PAR StoreServ Management Console (SSMC) dashboard view

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