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Considerations for your transition to hyper-convergence

By Kate Davis, WW Marketing Manager, HP Software-Defined Storage   @KateAtHP


transformation_ATSB_iStock_000002961075_Medium_28August_sized.jpgTransformation. Change. Adoption. Growth.  All are the new constant. It’s what we are surrounded with as our environment and culture increasingly changes and can’t be overlooked.


It used to be easy. Purchase new servers or storage, use them until they die or are unsupported then repurchase or replace. But that’s way past being an option. Technology and capabilities change dramatically many times before your service contract runs out. How are you supposed to keep up?

High availability for hyper-convergence: it pays to think ahead

By Janet Runberg, SDS Sales Enablement Manager, HP Storage


We all know you can’t prevent data loss or system failures. What you can do is build increased availability into your IT infrastructure with an efficient backup system. Your best bet is to find an integrated, open platform solution that’s fully supported by the vendors, so you don’t have to suffer through testing interoperability of systems during the deployment phase.


WebinarJ.jpgDon't miss the upcoming webinar from HP and Veeam that addresses high availability and efficiency in the virtualized data center. Bring along someone from the procurement team. Register for the live August 18 webinar at 11:00 am EDT: Veeam + HP CS 200-HC StoreVirtual: Availability for Hyper-Converged Systems

Announcing Next Generation Hyper-Converged Appliance

By Kate Davis, WW Marketing Manager, HP Software-Defined Storage   @KateAtHP


CS_250HC_StoreVirtSyst_FT_small.jpgToday’s software-defined technologies and converged solutions allow businesses to address efficiency and business challenges more easily by providing a flexible environment that can improve and even blend into the current IT infrastructure.


Flexibility is the foundational value of HP’s StoreVirtual technology. The LeftHand OS provides the common base for the StoreVirtual portfolio which has allowed for dedicated storage arrays, VSA software, cloud solutions and hyper-converged appliances to be built. A common set of data services, mobility and continuity across commodity hardware, all managed centrally allows customers to mix and match the right infrastructure to their workload and location requirements.


Today, we are announcing the next generation hyper-converged product!

Hyper-convergence is super-hot. But is it right for you?

By Janet Runberg, SDS Sales Enablement Manager, HP Storage


Missing_puzzle_piece_RGB_blue_NT.pngDo you feel like you're missing a piece of the pizzle when it comes to knowing what hyper-converged is, let alone if it's right for you? 


With all the media buzz around hyper-converged, now’s a good time to take a step back and ask yourself: who needs it? We've got a couple of industry experts who move past the hype and answer a few basic questions in a recent edition of The Register's RegCast

Simple is beautiful: HP OneView for vCenter

By Jessica Burton, Marketing Manager, HP Software-Defined Storage


One of my biggest pet peeves is when something simple is made overly complex. Has this ever happened to you? Just the other day, my dentist overcharged me for a cleaning appointment and presented me with a three-page bill that included my Explanation of Benefits. Their “explanations” were murky at best and after much scrutiny I found items that shouldn’t have been included. Perhaps they hoped I would become overwhelmed and just move on with a clear distaste in my mouth from a costly visit. They got one thing right—I will be moving on…without them. 


I feel the same way about overly complicated storage management software. Day-to-day management procedures should not raise your blood pressure. Check out this blog for insights on our OneView for vCenter management tool.

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