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How healthy is your archive data on tape?

By Mark Fleischhauer, HP StoreEver Tape Storage Solutions Engineering Manager




With NAB 2015 – and our NAB blogging on Around the Storage Block on storage for media & entertainment – in full swing, we thought it would be a good time to ask: Do you know how healthy your archive data is on tape? Do you wonder if you’ll be able to get it back when you need it?


Like your own personal health, it’s important to have routine check-ups to detect any possible problems early. Today, I’m talking about how the HP StoreEver Data Verification process can measure the health of your data stored on LTO tape and how it all works.

Lights, camera, action! LTO-6 tape with LTFS set to take starring role at NAB 2015

By Simon Watkins, WW Product Marketing Manager, Backup, Recovery & Archive (BURA), HP Storage


NABJ.jpgNAB 2015, the world’s largest digital media and entertainment (M&E) show, kicks off in Las Vegas this weekend—where video workflow and video asset archive solutions featuring LTO-6 tape and LTFS will be widely showcased. Let’s shine a spotlight on how and why the need to store an ever increasing amount of content—not only for long-term preservation but also for incremental monetization—is driving the requirement for cost effective archival storage solutions in the media and entertainment industry.


Join us at NAB 2015 in the Las Vegas Convention Center for more on HP StoreEver Tape Solutions:

  • HP StoreEver MSL6480 Tape as NAS and StoreOpen Automation at South Hall Upper SU621
  • HP StoreEver LTO-6 with StoreOpen Standalone at South Hall Lower SL13010
  • HP StoreEver MSL6480 with Storage DNA LTFS nearline and archive workflow software at South Hall Lower SL10621
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The opportunities for LTO tape in the era of Cloud and Big Data

By Simon Watkins, WW Product Marketing Manager, Backup, Recovery & Archive (BURA), HP Storage


The LTO tape market reached two significant milestones this month. LTO-6 tape media pricing fell below one cent per gigabyte and total worldwide tape storage media capacity shipped reached record levels. Let’s take a closer look at the key business drivers, use cases and technology innovations that are driving the $2 billion LTO tape market—and learn more about the collaborative steps the industry continues to take to ensure LTO’s on-going market success.


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Bigger means fewer? No one told the tape storage business.

By Andrew Dodd, WW Marketing Communications Manager, HP Storage Media


If tapes were dominoes, how many would you need to set up and topple in order to represent just four weeks of the HP tape business?!


This video represents about one month's worth of shipments for HP's European region (where the company has a leading 40% market share). As such, our tape dominoes are about 45% of HP's worldwide output and 15% of the global market as a whole. Although you're going to see many tapes fall in the next few minutes, I'm confident that the industry as a whole is standing firm and tall. While LTO-5 and LTO-6 units continue to outperform previous years, we are only months away from the release of LTO-7, which will undoubtedly bring fresh opportunities for growth.


How many LTO tapes? Take a guess and get back to me.

If anyone would like to hazard a guess as to the exact number of LTO tapes in the video or the combined capacity of those cartridges, there is a small prize of a souvenir set of photographs from our recent Cape 2 Cape project awaiting the nearest correct answer.


Please send your entries to before Friday 6th March!

The unstoppable rise of tape storage continues

By Andrew Dodd, WW Marketing Communications Manager, HP Storage Media


Back! But did it ever go away?

As you can tell from the title of the article, the subject of today's blog is storage media, more specifically storage media market trends. Yes, I know what you're thinking. Storage media. Yes, tape storage. Your eyes are becoming heavy. You feel a sudden strong impulse to either sleep or click the back button. But wait! Don't do either of those things! Before you turn away thinking that you've heard it all before, I encourage you to stay and read further. First of all, there are some genuinely interesting and quite breath-taking statistics that I'd like to share with you, which justify the somewhat provocative heading. And secondly, in my next blog postyou'll be able to witness HP storage media being used in a way I guarantee you've never seen before.


                  Capacity of Global Tape Media Shipments, All Vendors Since 2002

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