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Why you should consider the business value of HP StoreEver Tape Storage

By Simon Watkins, Worldwide Tape Product Marketing Manager, HP Storage


 So why does tape remain so popular for data protection in general and archive in particular? The answer lies in the on-going business value of the technology. Tape has made great technological strides over the last decade – from a performance, capacity, reliability and usability perspective. But while feeds and speeds are important, the executive boards of most companies care more about how technology can lower costs, reduce risk and improve productivity in their organisation. It is in this business context that tape continues to be viewed as important and relevant. Here’s what I mean.



Combine flash and tape and what do you get? FLAPE

By Mark Fleischhauer, HP StoreEver Tape Storage Solutions Engineering Manager


DessertJ.jpgNo, it’s not a French dessert. It’s a new emerging storage architecture for long-term data retention that combines FLash drives and tAPE = FLAPE. Using flash, you get instant access to data that was most recently accessed or to metadata to help you quickly search your vast amounts of data that has been archived. With tape as a back-end storage platform, you have a cost-effective storage solution that blends flash performance benefits with tape economics. Let’s take a look at how HP can help you build your very own FLAPE solution.




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Linear Tape File System for Windows demo at NAB

Last week I did a podcast from NAB talking about Linear Tape File System (LTFS) with one of our long-time tape gurus Mark Fleischhauer.  The next morning after I talked to Mark, I got a demo in our booth of some new software that we'll have available soon that allows you to use LTFS on Windows systems. 


The tape is dead FUD won't go away until those that like to proclaim it's early demise are - well, I'll just say gone.  LTFS is a fantastic proof point of how tape will continue to exist long into the future. 


So check out the demo of our LTFS software on Windows.

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Tape and LTFS podcast from NAB

NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) is wrapping up tomorrow; today at NAB I focused on LTFS doing both a podcast and getting a video demo of using LTFS in a Microsoft Windows environment.  You'll have to wait until next week to see the demo because I have to edit the video on my Z600 Workstation which I did take with me to Las Vegas.


The podcast I have is very interesting - I had a great time talking to Mark Fleischhauer.  As you'll hear, Mark has been a tape technologist for a long time.  We talked about the new life that tape has been given because of LTFS and I think we pretty well smash the "tape is dead" conversations I see about once a week. 

Here's the podcast with Mark.


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Data protection at SNW Europe

SNW Europe just wrapped up today and I'll have a few podcasts over the next several days from there.  The first is with my European colleague Chris Sopp.  Chris is a European product manager for data protection and on the first day of SNW, he did a presentation titled "Introduction to Data Protection" that was surprisingly well attended.  In this podcast, we talked about why so many people attended an intro session. 

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