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The future of VMware storage - vVol demo

Last year at VMworld, VMware did an NDA technology preview for partners about their vision for the future of storage - something they called vVols (virtual volumes).  While VMware is allowing partners working with them to talk about it and demonstrate early functionality, I want to be clear - this is still a technology preview and neither VMware nor HP is making any commitments on delivering this.  So with that disclosure, let me tell you a bit about what it is.


Intro to VMware vVol

For awhile now, HP Storage has been working with VMware as a design partner to define and develop a VM-granular storage architecture to potentially replace vSphere’s VMFS/datastore model. This new model is called VMware Virtual Volumes (vVols). Virtual Volumes introduces a 1:1 mapping of VMs (more specifically VMDKs or VM LUNs) to storage volumes—in other words, each VM will be associated with its own, unique storage volume. With vVols we could finally have the VMDK representation in vSphere match the representation on storage.


As a result, the storage system could now have the ability to operate at the same level of granularity as vSphere, which means that vSphere could better leverage, and take advantage of, the native strengths and capabilities of modern, intelligent storage arrays, like HP 3PAR.


UPDATE: I'm trying a new communication format - the ATSB eBook.  My first one includes screen shots of the vVol demo that I have on video.  Check it out and expect more of these in the future. 

7 reasons why HP 3PAR is the best storage for VMware

370x190-simplify-gvg-nolink.jpgIt's pretty bold of me to suggest that HP 3PAR is the best architected storage for VMware - I'm biased and it is bold.  But I say this because I think if you're looking at enterprise-class block based storage for VMware, you owe it to your company, your boss, yourself and your budget to include HP 3PAR in your evaluation. But I'm not the only person who thinks this. 


HP 3PAR is a natural companion to vSphere

Narayan Venkat is the former VP Storage Product Management at VMware.  Prior to moving to a new company, he said, "...from the outset of our partnership, the 3PAR platform has served as a natural companion to vSphere."


Check out the full blog post where I give seven reason reasons why I think HP 3PAR is the best storage for VMware.

VMworld Barcelona starting

IMG_0355 small.jpgThere's no point in me whining about not being able to go to VMworld Barcelona because my wife and daughter are on a fabulous European trip and someone needed to stay home with our son (ok - I guess I just slipped in some whining). 


If you're off to VMworld, I wanted to give you a few more tips.  As with VMworld in San Francisco, HP is a Global Diamond Sponsor and it should be pretty easy to find us there.  Here are a few places to find HP.

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Wishing I was at VMworld Barcelona


I would love to be going to VMworld in Barcelona coming up in a few weeks but I need to stay at home.  My daughter has a trip of a lifetime - her senior trip to Italy.  My wife, who was born in Naples, is going too and they will do some personal sightseeing before the rest of the class joins them.  So I'm happy to take one on the chin for my wife and daughter so they can have a great time in Italy while I stay home with my son (because Boise State does have two home games while they're gone!).


VMworld in Barcelona goes on without me (the nerve!) but I wanted to highlight a few things going on there.

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