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Customers speak about software-defined storage

I was searching around the internet tonight and bumped into a few videos that I want share with you from VMworld.  Software-defined storage was a big theme.  And despite the skeptics, it's gaining traction. 


The first video is an interview that Dave Vellante did with Eric Hulber and Brady Wilson from HP StoreVirtual customer Opus Interactive.  This was a really interesting discussion where Eric and Brady talked about their business providing IT as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service (as a private cloud).  I love something that Brady says here, "It (software-defined storage) comes across as a buzzword initially but like cloud its the way things are going.  It makes sense".   Dave also asked Brady about their transition from the appliance-based StoreVirtual to StoreVirtual VSA.  Brady's one-word answer was priceless - "effortless".


Check out the full blog post for a few more videos including one with FedEx, talking about the topic.

Virtual SAN buyer guide article

I came across an article today on Enterprise Storage Forum titled Virtual SAN Buying Guide.  The top of the article quotes Greg Schulz, analyst with StorageIO, “VMware vSAN is a good thing for the industry and those using VMware in that it will shake up the status quo, and enable organizations to use what they have.”  A couple of big points I need to make here:


  1. We had our HP StoreVirtual VSA (formerly HP LeftHand) for six plus years and with over 170,000 licenses out there, I think we already shook up the status quo.
  2. Greg states that this will be a good thing for those using VMware.  We agree - VMware vSAN does represents an opportunity for the industry and is an extension of the message that we have been sharing for years. The beautiful thing about the StoreVirtual VSA is it looks like an iSCSI array on the network and so any physical or virtualized server can store their data on the StoreVirtual VSA volumes.  And you can run StoreVirtual VSA on either Microsoft Hyper-V or VMware vSphere. 

Kate Davis, a frequent blogger here, is quoted in the article too.  Kate said, "With the rapid growth of data storage there is room for different types of storage tiers within their infrastructure.  VSA and vSAN are flexible tiers of storage that allow users to utilize the infrastructure in place to gain the needed data services at any given time for a variety of unpredictable workloads, and match the benefits they achieved with server virtualization now on the storage side.”

What you must know about storage and VMware

Eric VMworld session title slide.pngI'm going to keep the VMworld related blog posts going today.  I signed up to do live webcast with my fellow vExpert Eric Siebert.  Eric has a great presentation that I've seen him give titled "The top 10 things you must know about storage for vSphere" - he had this as a session at VMworld and not surprisingly, it was full.  So I grabbed Eric and we talked about as many of the 10 things we could squeeze into the time slot we had in the VMworld Hang Space". 


I don't want to give away the beginning, middle and ending but here's the list of 10 things that Eric talks about in his session:


(Click on over to the full blog post to see the list and hear the podcast)

Interesting customer podcast about StoreVirtual VSA

I've talked about how much I enjoy the VMware community.  Last week, I was able to meet so many people at VMworld while I hung out at our Software-Defined Zone and at the many community events and parties.  One of the people I really enjoyed meeting (and then bumping into a few times like at the Veeam party) was Chris Cavanna.  Chris is a Network Engineer (though I think a better title would Everything Engineer) for Sigan Containers. 


I did a podcast with Chris where he talked about their IT environment using VMware and leveraging HP StoreVirtual VSA across 20 different manufacturing sites as well as the StoreVirtual hardware-based Converged Storage Appliance at their two main datacenters. 


Here's the podcast with Chris.


HoneyBaked Ham meets HP 3PAR via VeriStor

While at VMworld, I met Steve Bishop.  Steve is the CTO of HP Partner VeriStor.  We were going to do a podcast at VMworld but ended up doing it today after we both arrived home. 


A few reasons I did this podcast and this is what you'll hear in it:

  1. VeriStor was named the HP 3PAR partner of the year.  Steve talks through their history with 3PAR that dates back 8 years ago. 
  2. Steve then shared with me a bit about the HoneyBaked Ham of Company of Georgia and how HP 3PAR helped them overcome their seasonal demand. 

Check out the podcast with Steve - it's a good one!


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