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How can HP 3PAR 7450c reduce your Oracle latencies by as much as 21%?

By Hasmig Samurkashian, HP Storage Solutions Marketing


Oracle database environments demand the highest levels of performance and availability. HP 3PAR StoreServ All-Flash Storage is an ideal fit for Oracle DB environments, not only for its high IOPS and low latency but also for its robust HA and DR capabilities.


DemartekJ.jpgNow a new report from Demartek shows 16Gb FC SAN reduces latency for Oracle 21% and 3PAR Express Writes reduces latency 10%. Read on for more performance details.


Small video cameras are everywhere. So are big storage cost and data protection challenges.

By Andrew Dodd, WW Marketing Communications Manager, HP Storage Media


Body Camera.jpgAs video cameras become smaller and more robust, they are starting to show up almost everywhere in daily life: for leisure, business and emergency service use. The footage captured by “dash cams” during police activities has proven to be a valuable asset, so much so that many police officers are starting to wear body cams for the same reasons. All these cameras create a substantial amount of data that forces the need to manage, maintain and protect as this data may be recalled as evidence. It needs to be “tamper proof” to protect the integrity of the content. With the new tape-as-NAS solution combined with LTO WORM, we now have a solution that can provide economical storage and integrity protection.

Build your own virtual storage array with HP StoreVirtual VSA

3node VSA.pngThose of you who have been following my Software-Defined Storage Blueprint blog posts know that creating virtual storage from available capacity on your servers is not rocket science – in fact, there’s no special training required. An IT generalist can install HP StoreVirtual VSA on an x86 server and start using it within minutes. If you’re ready to take it to the next step and pool the capacity from several servers into a shared storage array, read on.

Physical systems of any kind have clear limitations in capacity and adaptability. In slow-growing, predictable IT environments with plenty of room to spread out, they’re still the go-to solution. The rest of us, who deal with limited data center space and fluctuating workloads, are turning to virtualization for help. Server virtualization (the creation of virtual machines rather than physical servers, allowing multiple operating systems and applications to run on a single physical host) has caught on everywhere. Yet in spite of the widespread implementation of server virtual machines, storage often remains siloed in physical devices that can be difficult to deploy, manage and scale.

Architecture matters: Getting the most out of flash storage

By Phill Gilbert, UK&I 3PAR Flash Specialist


As a flash specialist in the UK, I spend much of my time with our customers talking about flash storage. During meetings, you often bring up independent reports as a way to validate what I’m saying. So you can imagine my interest as I read the recent Gartner Solid State Array Magic Quadrant report and how pleased I was with the results: HP 3PAR StoreServ is now a leader in all-flash storage.


With special mention to our common architecture across platforms, hardware-driven efficiencies and success getting this message out, I think we have earned a place in the leaders quadrant. After all, HP 3PAR StoreServ isn’t just another all-flash array. It has unique features that stand out from the crowd. This 3PAR Thursday, I want to talk with you about how to get the most out of flash storage.

Accelerate applications with new HP MSA Storage enhancements

Today I have some exciting HP MSA Storage news - what a fun way to return to work!


Here's a summary of what's new:

  1. A firmware upgrade to the MSA 2040 increases performance by up to 45% - and that's a free upgrade to 5 MSA Videos.jpgfirmware version GL210! A simple firmware update optimizes SSD performance for up to 122,000 IOPs*.
  2. The MSA 1040 now has 6Gb/12Gb SAS connectivity to application servers. This removes the need to have SAN infrastructure. With an entry price point of $7000 (US List Price), this is the lowest price SAS entry array in the industry (from a tier-1 system provider).
  3. There is now an MSA 2040 ENERGY STAR certified SKU. Of course ENERGY STAR is a program to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint. The ENERGY STAR certified MSA 2040 is available now and starts at $10,970 US List Price.

The MSA is Simple!

I just wrapped up a set of videos that include a few demos that show just how easy the MSA is to manage. I took those videos and put links to each of them in one YouTube video.  So you can watch this one video and then click on any of the videos you want to see. 

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