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My Magical Quantification of Data Storage Today

I thought I'd take a crack at my own evaluation of the storage market with what I'm calling Calvin's Magical Quantification or Calvin's MQ.  This is my own biased opinion but it is based on some real research.


Revisiting before looking forward

I've heard that Gartner will release its Magic Quadrant for General Purpose Arrays in the coming weeks. The previous version was published in November 2014. HP, with the strength of 3PAR, was firmly in what Gartner calls the "Leader's Quadrant". Shortly after it was released, I had a Q&A blog post with Craig Nunes, the VP of Marketing for HP Storage.  


More recently, Gartner released its 2015 Magic Quadrant for Solid-State Arrays. In that MQ, 3PAR is also in the leader's quadrant.  Manish Goel, our Senior VP and GM of HP Storage, has a blog post talking about our position in the SoSuper Hero Calvin 3PAR.pnglid-State Arrays MQ.  Manish pointed out that HP 3PAR is the only vendor to improve its relative position.  And I'd also note that this was done prior to one of the vendors listed having to reveal that the revenue data that Gartner used in this MQ was off by a large factor. As a result, HP 3PAR is now the number 2 all-flash array in the industry (based on revenue).


Calvin's Magical Quantification

As I looked at these two MQs and specifically looked at who was in the leader's quadrant and something occurred to me.  No single array platform is in the leaders quadrant for both general-purpose arrays AND solid-state arrays.  If you look at these, you might have a couple of questions about that.

  1. You look at the two MQs side-by-side and you note that EMC is in the leader's quadrant in both reports. They are but the products are different. In the solid-state report, the product is Xtremio. In the general purpose MQ, everything but Xtremio is mentioned, which makes sense because it isn't a general purpose array.
  2. IBM is in both reports as well - but again, with different products. 
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Jamba Juice smooths things out with all-flash storage

One of the things I really enjoy doing is talking to customers and hearing their stories, especially their storage stories. I recently got to spend time with Raul Celorio, senior manager of IT Infrastructure and Operations for Jamba Juice - go out on a limb, that's where the fruit is! 


The interview with Raul isn't very long but he makes some really impactful comments about what improvements they've seen since moving to HP 3PAR StoreServ All-Flash. In fact Raul told me that he was the first customer to receive the HP 3PAR StoreServ 7200 All-Flash Starter kit.


Check out his story - the benefits that Jamba Juice is seeing by getting real-time insights from SAS business analytics that helps their regional managers to make better business decisions.  Here is "Customers Share Their Secrets" with Jamba Juice.

More on the HP StoreOnce Catalyst and Veeam Integration

Last year at VeeamOn, I jokingly asked a Veeam exec when would we have StoreOnce Catalyst support with Veeam. I got a sly smile in response and I knew what that meant!


The wait is over! 

I won't spend a lot of time talking about what this means for our customers - Srik covered that very well in a post he did last week titled Veeam integrates with HP StoreOnce Catalyst to deliver enhanced data protect. I want to share a short video with my friend at Veeam Rick Vanover - the Rickatron! I took a break from being a one man band with my videos and drafted Radhika Mitra to interview Rick. It's a short video but they do a great job describing the benefits of this integration.

Who let the execs out…?

By Kate Davis, WW Marketing Manager, HP Software-Defined Storage   @KateAtHP



Catching up with HP Storage execs at VMworld 2015

One of the fun things about big trade shows is the opportunity to get our execs on camera. Watching these interviews with Dave Vellante on SiliconANGLE’s theCUBE is a great way to get informed on what’s going on within HP Storage, that latest product news and thoughts from the top about future trends and direction.


Check out what Craig Nunes, VP at HP Storage, and Rob Strechay, Director at HP Storage, had to say at VMworld last week.

Yeah, at $1.50 per usable GB, flash storage is now affordable. But is it protected?

DP_super hero_ATSB.jpgThe recognition keeps coming. Flash storage really is all it’s cracked up to be, but only if you purchase the right solution. To get the most out of flash, keep these pointers in mind (including the one on data protection) when you begin shopping for a solution. 


Flash storage: more than a flashy game changer
I’ve been talking a lot about flash storage here, but it occurs to me that maybe you’re not sure how to get started. Because even though flash fans paint an appealing picture about how flash saves 80 percent of space or more compared to HDD-based solutions, and is priced at $1.50 per GB or lower, you need to know more.


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