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Storage at VMworld on video

After VMworld in San Francisco wrapped up, I got busy and we had a lot of blog posts here on ATSB. There were some videos from VMworld that I had intended to share here shortly after VMworld but they never made it.  With VMworld Barcelona happening now and these videos still timely, I thought I'd share them with you. 


First up, is a video with Michael Haag. Michael is on our VMware Alliance and Solutions team. Michael is my fellow vExpert and VMware expert Eric Siebert's boss. In this video, Dave Vallente from Wikibon talked to Michael about VMware VVols and they talked about storage integration with VMware. 


To see all four videos, head over to the full blog post.

Now's the time for hyper-convergence

By Kate Davis, @KateAtHP, WW Marketing Manager, HP Software-Defined Storage



With technology there’s always opportunity to advance, creating an ongoing evolution of components and products. Once in a while, we get a unique opportunity to advance multiple technologies at once – when software, hardware, and customer requirements all converge and we surge into the future. We have hit that sweet spot today, and can advance data center design by bringing server, storage and management components together within a single platform – this is what hyper-convergence is all about. To help you adopt a New Style of IT with a solution that evokes the elements of simplicity and efficiency, we now offer a hyper-converged platform portfolio for VMware environments. Here are all the details.

Hello hyper-converged with HP StoreVirtual

With VMworld Barcelona in full swing, I have some news to share today. HP is announcing a new hyper-converged solution, HP Converged System 200-HC StoreVirtual, that will help customers rapidly deploy virtualized environment like never before. 


The hyper-converged CS 200 with StoreVirtual VSA is a virtualization platform that seamlessly combines compute and storage. It is designed to simplify the deployment of applications - from mixed virtualized workloads to business-critical applications to virtual desktops - with all-inclusive enterprise class features and performance. This exciting new product allows you to go from power-on to provisioning within 15 minutes. I've got a ShortTake with Jessica Burton and we'll be talking more about it on ATSB in the coming days and weeks. For now, here's the ShortTake.


You can get more information by going to note the page might not be live until around 6 AM EDT today. Also check out the live video from VMworld where Director of Product Management Rob Strechay will be presenting on today at 11:30 AM Barcelona time, 5:30 AM EDT (ok - that's early!) and Wednesday at 2:30 PM Barcelona time, 8:30 AM EDT.  I have a blog post from a couple of days ago that has a live video feed from VMworld where you can watch so check it out.

Forget FUD. Insure your tape archive with HP StoreEver.

By Shannon Dumler, Worldwide Product Marketing Manager, HP Storage


FUD.jpegLeveraging the benefits of tape – including lower cost per GB, lower energy consumption, offline protection buffering against virus or hacker attacks and media removability to an offsite location for safe storage – simply makes good business sense. So once that data is now safely stored in a vault or even within a tape library, how can you insure that critical business data? By simply putting in place the ability to automatically and actively monitor these infrequently accessed tape cartridge for both for data quality AND tape cartridge health. Here’s how we do it with HP StoreEver to put to rest the fear, uncertainty and doubt – the FUD – by providing the very insurance that is needed to fully protect your critical business data.


3 questions to determine the importance of data integrity to your business

By Ashwin Shetty, Product Marketing, HP Storage


Protect your data integrity with HP StoreOnce Backup Solution


“Integrity without knowledge is weak and useless, and knowledge without integrity is dangerous and dreadful.” Samuel Johnson, English writer and poet


Data corruption, although thankfully rare, can have a significant effect on data intensive transactional applications, often crippling operations during the time it takes to detect, troubleshoot and repair the problem. Data corruptions can go undetected in some cases for months invalidating backups and increasing difficulty of recovery. Needless to say, data corruption can inhibit efficiency of your organization, consume time and resources to detect and fix the problem and increase the overall cost of protecting your data. The importance of protecting your business critical data spans from the time it’s created, to the time it’s stored, all the way until it’s needed to be restored. This BURA Sunday, ask yourselves three basic questions to determine the importance of data integrity to your business:

  1. Has your environment ever had a database corruption that went undetected for a long time?
  2. Have you ever had to restore data, only to realize that recovery of backup data failed?
  3. Have you ever suspected data loss due to data corruption or administrative error

Here's why the answer is HP StoreOnce Integrity Plus.




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