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Still better together: HP StoreOnce Disk and HP StoreEver Tape

By Anirudh S Srinivasan, WW Product Manager, HP Storage


Last week in our BURA Sunday blog, Keep calm! HP has got your data covered, I talked about our ability to protect your data with our wide variety of technologies and a broad product portfolio.


I also looked at the importance of a tiered data protection strategy using a combination of snapshots, replication, disk-based backup with data deduplication and tape-based data protection—depending on your RPO/RTO objectives and/or type of data.


This week, I’m focusing on a subset of this strategy: the choice around disk-based and tape-based data protection.


HP ConvergedSystem Update

I'm recently back from Nth Symposium and the video interviews that I did there are starting to role in.  One of the discussions I had was with my long-time HP friend LaMills Garrett.  I like to kid LaMills - when I first met him in the late 90's, he was a lab engineer in draedlocks.  But he was also one of the most business saavy engineers I've ever worked with so I'm not surprised that he's now a leader in the ConvergedSystem Americas team. 


During the discussion LaMills talked about the latest with HP ConvergedSystem - aka Sharks - and we also talked about the competition.  I couldn't help bringing up VCE as I attended a VMUG recently where a VCE employee told the audience that they are the only true converged infrastructure and HP is a system integrator. 


This is a really good discussion with LaMills and I'll share other interviews I have from Nth Symposium over the next few weeks. 

EMC to 3PAR Online Import Utility Demo

Back in May, I had a blog post titled Making the move from EMC to HP 3PAR StoreServ easy - and that post included a ChalkTalk I had done describing the EMC to 3PAR Online Import Utility. Today I have a demo video to share with you showing just how easy it really is.  In the demo video I do give an overview of the software and how it works but check out my previous blog if you want a bit more. 


There's more information on full blog post, so check that out.


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Shining the spotlight on our HP 3PAR StoreServ customers

By Beth Joseph, Product Marketing Manager, HP 3PAR StoreServ 


3PAR_systemJ.jpgThis week we’re turning 3PAR Thursday into Customer Appreciation Day. We truly appreciate all of you, our customers, and want to say a BIG thank you for your support for HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage. In this blog, I particularly want to highlight some of the customers who have taken the time to share their success stories with us.


3PAR StoreServ Storage arrays are deployed at thousands of customer sites around the world. Here are a few that stand out due to how they are using 3PAR StoreServ technology in their data center. Then head to the web to learn what other customers have to say about how HP Storage products and solutions have helped their businesses.

HP Storage at VMworld - stay connected!

It's hard to believe that VMworld 2014 is just around the corner.  I always look forward to it because it is a great place for me to connect with the VMware community and it also signals the start of the college football season!  In fact, my Boise State Broncos are playing in Atlanta the day the VMworld ends.  You can get I'll be catching an early flight home for the game!


Last week at Nth Symposium, I asked Kate Davis, a frequent contributor here on ATSB, to spend a few minutes talking to me about what we'll have at VMworld.  It's a good high-level summary of how you can connect with us at VMworld and on the full blog post, I'll give you a few more details.

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