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Mobile – The Next Frontier by Dennis DeGregor, HP Enterprise Customer Services Executive


The future of mobile can be summed up in one word: integration.


We all know that consumers are increasingly using new technologies to change the way they shop and buy. As a result of mobile becoming a ubiquitous aspect of the consumer buying experience, apps developers have entered into a “nuclear arms race” to launch the next Killer App for mobile – but the continuous emergence of increasingly cooler apps is only one dimension of the mobile future.


Consumers In Control

The shift of power to consumers has fundamentally changed the way we must engineer the interactive, two-way customer engagement model. The shift in consumer behavior has made the concept of “channels” less relevant to prospects and customers. Consumers see the company as “one brand” as opposed to an array of channel access points (the uniquely internal view that business unit managers have). 


The real issue has become, “…can I use a self-service device to solve my issue or do I need to access a human to get this done?”  The answer to this question depends on the complexity of the service or buying interaction, and the creation of analytically-based intelligent routing must now take the lead in creating the seamless customer experience that accounts for the level of interaction complexity. The challenge is now to optimize three aspects of the consumer experience: 1) the human/human interface, 2) the human/machine interface and 3) the machine/machine interface.


Optimization and the Consumer Experience

This “drive to optimize” is creating a new environment where channels have “faded to gray” and it has become about only two things: the device and the network it accesses, or “the cloud.”  At HP, we define the network cloud as the Big Data, analytics and information required to seamlessly and transparently integrate mobile and non-mobile devices into one holistic consumer experience. In today’s world, we must not only use information resident on internal databases to improve the experience, but we must integrate data from peer-to-peer dialogue, social networks and collaboration platforms into the mobile device experience. In this new “virtual 360º view” world, knocking down silos between mobile apps and engineering a “transparent” consumer experience across apps is the emerging focus.


Engaging the Next Generation Consumer

McKinsey research has identified that the fastest growing media are mobile, the global internet, interactive TV and gamification.  In order to reach Generation X, Generation Y and, most importantly, Generation C (for “connected), the 21st century company must become adept at collecting Big Data from these sources, using sophisticated analytics to create unique, 1:1 proactive and reactive business rules and then return these rules to the access point (human or machine) to create a truly differentiated consumer experience.


Integration of all Devices Through the Network Cloud: The Next Frontier

The real frontier of innovation in mobile is creating the “nexus of integration” that seamlessly immerses mobile into the total experience across mobile and non-mobile touchpoints. Organizing Big Data from all sources into insightful engagement rules and content through the application of sophisticated analytics in the network cloud and seamlessly integrating standalone apps into a meaningful experience  will increasingly define the winners and losers in customer effectiveness in the 21st Century.


Prediction: companies that can engineer the “nexus” will be the future customer experience leaders.


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