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Focus on Analytics: Tap non-traditional data sources to help uncover hidden insights

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Since the financial turmoil that started in 2007, a steady stream of new regulations has sought to impose greater oversight and control over lending processes. Notable among the changes are significant expansions to books and records rules requiring that more communications be kept, and for longer than ever before. Banks are expected to keep challenging records such as audio from call center or voicemails, chat logs and instant messages, and scanned document images. Many banks view these new rules as a costly burden with no real upside.

Focus on Analytics: HP Global Analytics is equal to the challenges of Big Data

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Big data has gotten really big. It doesn’t just include the traditional structured data that used to be the backbone of business intelligence. It now includes the 70% of useful data that is semi-structured and unstructured—from social media, audio and video feeds, emails and presentations, web usage stats, mobile sensors, and other sources.

Focus on Analytics: Channel surfing— improving the customer experience through personalization

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We all know it’s a digital age, and it’s tempting to believe that marketers can reach out to all their customers via email or social media exclusively. But in reality, many people are not going to make the transition from older communication channels—postal mailings or the telephone—to digital, at least not anytime soon.

Focus on Analytics: Analytics adds predictability to CRM for effective action

Featuring: Dennis DeGregor, Worldwide Enterprise Customer Services Service Line Leader, Hewlett Packard Enterprise ServicesCover Image.JPG


Customer relationship management (CRM) solutions have always provided some kind of basic analytical capability, but too often this has been limited to explanatory analytics. Standard operational key performance indicator (KPI) reports, for example, might tell you the average speed in answering a customer inquiry, the average talk time, or the number of calls answered or abandoned. They might also be able to collect structured data about customer satisfaction or complaints.

Focus on Analytics: Closing the Analytics Gap

Featuring:  Mike Byrd, Business Analytics Sales Executive, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Services Cover Image.JPG


There’s little doubt that big data analytics are being quickly adopted as a powerful tool for organizations to reduce costs and seize strategic advantage. Companies competing for skilled people who can analyze all that data and produce actionable insights have quickly drained the available resource pool.

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