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10 online tools that boost teamwork

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The sun is finally out! After such a long wait, everyone deserves a chance to catch some rays, and with the right devices, like the HP ElitePad 900, and the following tools, you can keep your team productive, even in the park.

  1. Basecamp. Online project management that is simple on the surface but powerful underneath. Assign to-dos, upload files and start discussions and watch your project update in real time.
  2. Skype. Videoconferencing and calling are obvious benefits, but being able to ask a quick question or update someone via instant messaging, as you would if you could lean across a desk and just tell them, is a big bonus for remote teams.
  3. Dropbox. Stay up to date with documents and iterations. Easily share files from clients with your whole team and create a single location for reference information.
  4. Google Docs. Collaborate and see who is working on a document in real time, and view a full history of edits with the ability to restore any previous version.
  5. iDoneThis. As the site says: ‘get stuff done and celebrate it with your team.’ This is a great way to keep up to date with what everyone has achieved daily, avoids duplications and helps everyone work towards the same goals.
  6. Effective email. Ok, everyone already has email, but does it actually boost teamwork? Make sure your team knows the 25 tips to improve their emails so that they get the most from this ubiquitous tool.
  7. Turbine. This lets everyone see their team’s time off calendar so people know when people are working remotely and when people are actually in the office. Plus it lets your team file expenses and purchase orders on the go, letting them do what they need when they need to do it.
  8. An effective and free screen-sharing tool that only requires the host to download software. You can handover control of mouse and keyboard to make technical support easier and it’s browser agnostic. The guys at are big fans.
  9. Producteev. A task-management tool focused more on multiple tasks and to-dos than Basecamp. Keep track of assignments and workloads, and do it for free.
  10. Google Calendar. Let your team share their calendars so that everyone knows when colleagues are about for collaboration, and which deadlines matter most to whom.

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