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10 simple rules for awesome PowerPoint presentations

411iA03AB80CAD5D1A02PowerPoint presentations are now a standard business and sales tool and hence, nearly everyone at least once in their career has had to sit through a really boring or poorly prepared slide show presentation. Therefore, a recent post on HubSpot is a must read for anyone who needs to prepare a PowerPoint presentation.


HubSpot noted that Duarte Design, a Silicon Valley design shop, recently put on a slide:smileysurprised:logy workshop which contained a wealth of useful information about putting together awesome PowerPoint presentations. From that workshop, HubSpot came up with these 10 key but simple rules for better presentations:


  1. No bullets
  2. Start on paper
  3. The 30pt rule
  4. No starbursts
  5. One thought per slide
  6. Time-limits, not slide-limits
  7. One thought per slide
  8. No logo on every slide
  9. No chart junk
  10. Tell a story

And as a great follow-up to this post that was written at the request of readers, HubSpot has a second post containing 17 examples of great presentations. These presentations will give you a fairly good idea as to what a great presentation design is and isn't. 

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