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Business netiquette

528iA59CD0B059AF2436Netiquette varies depending on where you are. If you are thinking of getting into social media for your business, lurk - anonymously observe - before you leap. For more information about social media marketing, check out the articles on HP’s Business Answers site.


  1. Have respect for others when you are online. Never forget that the person reading your mail or posting is a person, with feelings that can be hurt.
  2. People cannot tell what mood you are in by the way you type. Typing in CAPS is akin to SHOUTING.
  3. Keep emails short and sweet, use descriptive subject lines and think twice before copying someone into an email unnecessarily.
  4. Don’t use a business Twitter account for chatting or personal conversation use direct messages or e-mail or instead.
  5. Don’t tweet too much and avoid writing messages that are more than one tweet long. Tweets should favour quality over quantity.
  6. Try not to follow more profiles than you have followers as users may think you are a spammer.
  7. Create user-friendly profiles. An online profile is your virtual business card - it needs to be informative, honest and professional.
  8. Invite friends and acquaintances to connect, but do not add strangers. You do not have to accept friend requests or event invitations.
  9. Think before you post. Pictures, comments, blog entries can all be saved and forwarded on to others. Don’t post anything private or unprofessional in a public medium – it may come back to haunt you.
  10. If you’re a publisher or blogger, you need to pay attention to usage rights for photographs. If you want to use a particular image and it’s not licensed to allow usage, just contact the photographer or buy images from a reputable image library like iStockPhoto.
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