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Deskpro 4000

I recently purchased a used Deskpro 4000. The prior company must have been on an intranet, becuase at startup in addition to the F10, I also get an F12 Network Service Boot. How do I eliminate this intranet information. When I opted for the F12, the following occured.

1. DCHP MAC addr: 00 80 5f 3f b3 7a
2. Press Esc to skip network boot
3. Bootp.....
4. A few minutes later, the message that no address received from PXE- E52
5. LSA MAG - exiting landesk service agent.

My goal is just to use the built in ethernet card to connect to the Internet via a cable modem.

Any advice on how to clear the existing intranet information would be appreciated. As I formatted the disk prior to installing Windows, I assume that this is built into the bios OR in the small partition on the hard drive that I did not delete, which was called diagnostics. I did not delete it as I assumed that bios information was stored on the hard drive.

Thank you and sorry for the lenght of the post.

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Re: Deskpro 4000

You were right to leave the non-DOS partition on the drive. You are also right in assuming it contains the F10 setup.

Other than seeing an option to select F12 in the Compaq screen, what other issue is there that indicates the network? This seems entire harmless. I have an old Deskpro that works great, but I see in the Compaq screen that option every time I boot up and I've never cared.

I would suggest two options:

1. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

2. If it is broke, clear the CMOS and restore the F10 setup to the defaults.
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Re: Deskpro 4000

Thank you for you response. I guess that you are right to leave it alone. How would I go about clearing the CMOS and restoring the F10 as you mentioned?

Also, any idea why the built in etherner card dosen't seem to want to let me connect to the internet?
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Re: Deskpro 4000

You are confusing things about an Intranet. First, the system is trying a network boot, which virtually ALL systems are capable of that. In the BIOS, the NIC is set before the HD. Set the NIC to be the last device, with the A: and CD drive before the HD. Now the system will look in the A: drive first, if nothing is there, it will move to the CD-ROM, if nothing is there, it will move to the HD. If the HD has an OS on it, it will load. If not, it will try a network boot.

The diagnostics partition that you see is how you get into the BIOS. Do not delete it, if you do you will need to use the Computer Setup disk on a floppy to get into the BIOS.

As for your NIC, make sure you have the proper drivers for it and configure it up correctly. The NICs sold today are capable of network boot.

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Re: Deskpro 4000

To clear CMOS, look for:

1. a jumper near the battery on the motherboard. If it's there and it's in the 1-2 position, move to the 2-3 position for a minute, or

2. a "clear" switch or button near the battery...operate the switch, or...

3. the CMOS battery...remove it for a minute.

To restore the F10 defaults...

1. Boot up,
2. at the "COMPAQ" screen tap the F10 key a few times,
3. when it goes into the setup, look around for a menu option to "restore defaults and exit"...execute that,
4. let it continue to boot.

After you restore the defaults in the F10 setup, check the boot order in that setup to make sure it is as Lance recommended above.
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