Presario Desktop 5204 hard drive upgrade (67 Views)
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Presario Desktop 5204 hard drive upgrade

I have a Presario w/350mHz AMD-K6 processor, Win 98, and I need a storage upgrade. What type of hard drive do I need to buy? I don't need a lot of space, around 40GB is fine. Right now my hard drive is partitioned into a C and D drive with only 4GB total. Can I use my existing hard drives also? I can't afford a new computer so any help would be great.
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Re: Presario Desktop 5204 hard drive upgrade

According to the original press release:,1494,wp~85_2!ob~497_1_1,00.html#footnotes

it will go up to 10 gigs, by compaq specs, but I think there's alternatives. If there's a BIOS update, It might allow much larger drive C, It might not need a BIOS update, Western digital drives have some really great software tools for transferring stuff and getting older platforms to see more space.

Depends on what you want; second OS? additional storage? SCSI? (just kidding)

You have room in there, for sure.
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Re: Presario Desktop 5204 hard drive upgrade

Here are some of the examples of the drives Compaq shipped in these computers... .

Although your exact computer didn't come with a large drive...Computers that came with a 1998 BIOS usually supported drives up to 137GB, so you're fine on capacity. As Ed said...if you have capacity recognition problems, the disk that comes with the drive will get you over that.

If you have any BIOS issues, you might want to first try an update from the Compaq site... . It's from 1999...certainly a time period in which BIOS writers would have been prepared for the large drives present at that time, including 40GB.

Your computer case is quite small, so I would suggest simply looking inside for a place (under or over your present hard drive) for a place that will accept a second drive. However, I wouldn't necessarily recommend keeping your current drive, even if there is room for two drives. You might as well use the software that comes with the drive to copy all of your existing data to the new, better, faster drive.

If all you need is just storage, not speed, you could just get a USB drive.

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