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HP Intern Insights - A Inside Look at the HP Americas Intern Program

The Americas Internship Program provides highly qualified and talented students an opportunity to continue their development through real-world work experiences via internships at HP. HP managers enjoy the opportunity to asses and guide their intern or interns, with the goal of developing them into HP University hires upon graduation.


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HP Interns in Mississauga, Canada


Our interns are provided meaningful assignments in areas such as engineering, IT, Finance, Procurement, Marketing, Human Resources and other functions across HP. Most of our interns are pursuing undergraduate degrees, while others are in advanced programs in a variety of fields. In the U.S., a small number of high-school students alsotake part in the internship program.


Make it Matter


To provide an enhanced experience at HP, the HP Internship Program hosts various learning and social networking activities for the interns. These activities include:


Mentoring - A key element of HP’s internship program. Each intern is assigned a mentor who will help guide the student during their internship at HP. 


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U.S. HP Intern Project Fair in Austin, TX


Project FairsHeld at various HP sites to give interns an opportunity to showcase their hard work over the summer, while learning about other project/work opportunities. Project Fairs also give HP employees a chance to see firsthand just how much interns contribute to the success of HP. Last year’s project fairs included 300+ interns with more than 2,125 HP visitors.


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U.S. HP Interns volunteering at Habitat for Humanity in Roseville, CA


Volunteering - There are various community service events coordinated across the Americas. These events provided a great experience for interns and benefitted the local communities as part of the HP Volunteerism Program. Our intern program is designed to support HP’s company objectives. Corporate Citizenship is an example of what we offer and it is an important piece of the intern’s experience with HP.


Speaker Series - This summer, interns in the Americas will have the opportunity to participate in several events involving top HP leaders. One example comes from this past July as Dave Ornelas, HP Vice President of EG Sales Operations, spoke to all of AMS interns via a live webcast. Other sites have planned local events with their local executives.      


Social - Welcome barbeques, international themed potlucks, baseball games, etc. are just a sampling of the many social events planned at the various sites - and of course, as our interns bond with one another, many plan local trips or activities to build upon the new professional and personal friendships they are creating. 


Learning - Interns will also have plenty of opportunities to participate in development and learning events such as resume workshops and financial seminars to enhance their personal development. 


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HP Interns in Porto Alegre, Brazil


But how about hearing it from a couple of our previous HP Interns...


Throughout my 2 years at HP, my current Event Marketing role has been my favorite by far. It allowed me to really put my Marketing degree to work through coordinating site events and engaging employees using site-wide communications. The great visibility I now have throughout the company is an added bonus. I value working at HP because of the people and the flexibility. I have had a great experience working at HP so far and I can’t wait for what the future has in store!” 


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- Delisa, Marketing


During my University career, I majored in Psychology with a minor in Business Administration. I think the combination of my love for people and desire to be a part of a large company is what sparked my interest in a career at HP.  


My HP experience started with 3 internships in 2 different business units (1st in Global Procurement, 2nd and 3rd in Global Real Estate). I was a very active member of the Intern Program and during my final internship, told my coordinators “I’ll be back next summer and will join you as an intern coordinator!”


Here I am, one year later, with a full time job and the site lead for the Roseville Internship Program. I am eagerly awaiting interns to join the company, and look forward to making their internship experience as memorable and joyful as mine was!


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- Kate, AMS Global Real Estate 


That is a little bit about what goes on in our AMS Intern program and hopefully you are curious to learn more. As the summer begins to wind down and our great interns return to campus, we are getting ready for campus recruiting in the fall to find our next group of interns. 


Thanks again for reading and more to come!




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Laurie Morrical leads the HP Americas University Recruiting Program.  She is an HP veteran of over 30 years with multiple roles and experiences across HR.  Laurie is located in Corvallis, OR. Connect with Laurie on LinkedIn


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