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HP Discover: a new style of IT for the digital enterprise

Digital enterprise 2.jpgThe world is very quickly becoming digital. There is no day passing or we are in touch with digital technologies, being it through our phone, our TV, or our music. Enterprises are quickly following route, digitizing their products and services, as well as using digital technologies to improve their products and services.


The financial services and telecommunication industries have even become fully digital. There is no way they could operate without information technology. McKinsey describes the move to digital very well in an interview called “The Digital Enterprise”. They point to the fact many enterprises focus digital technologies on the analysis of their customers and market. And they ask themselves the question whether that is the best way to use this technology. They point out the need to address four points, first understand where the value is to the enterprise, second they need to prioritize, third, they need to take an end-to-end view and fourthly look at their portfolio and understand what impact digital has.


The new style of IT

The new style of IT centers around four technologies that are currently hyped quite a lot, but tha