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In This HP Cloud Source Blog, HP Expert, Christian Verstraete will examine cloud computing challenges, discuss practical approaches to cloud computing and suggest realistic solutions.

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Mobility & Cloud, the two sides of the same coin

The digital enterprise, the new style of IT, are terms trying to describe where IT is going. IT becomes the underlying fabric of the enterprise, the way things are done, information is shared and interactions with the eco-system take place. In a post IT consumerization world, users are looking at having access to all required assets at their fingertips. Customers want to interact and expect a user experience that is second to none. That will differentiate the winning enterprises from the others in the near future. Mobility and Cloud are the technological drivers making this feasible, understand why and what to pay attention to.

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In what cloud do I host my application?

It's one thing to say you move your application to the cloud, it's another to define the target cloud. In what cloud will I hast my application? The answer is not always that easy, several factors play a role. In this blog post I'm trying to go through the different aspects that need to be addressed, one by one. This is typically how I structure my discussion with a CIO when asked the question. I do not believe I miss anything major, but if you feel, let me know.






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Cloud Computing, it’s all about Applications

You don't implement cloud for the stake of implementing cloud, you do it because you want to improve your applications to better support the business. But what is needed to do this? Let's look at how the systems of engagements and the systems of records need to be looked at to improve their responsiveness to the needs of the business. Whether you want to consolidate applications, close datacenters or address requirements from the business, looking at your processes end-to-end and define what you may want to put in the cloud.

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Big Data, Big Data, shouldn't we rather talk about information?

We keep hearing about big data. It seems as if for success we need to assemble as much data as possible. However, data is of no value if we cannot extract the information we need from it. That's easier said than done. Let's look at three different levels of analysis we have to perform to spot issues early, understand the business, improve operations and please customers. Extracting that information is what counts.

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