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In This HP Cloud Source Blog, HP Expert, Christian Verstraete will examine cloud computing challenges, discuss practical approaches to cloud computing and suggest realistic solutions.

DevOps, what IT can learn from Manufacturing

Last week I was asked to do a presentation on trends in automation and cloud. I titled it “Industrialize your Information Technology.” I often have the impression IT is still seen by many as a craftsmanship, particularly when we include the whole development cycle. This reminded me of when I started working more than 30 years ago and when the industry was buzzing with a concept called “design for manufacturability”. It preceded the lean movement and TPF, the Toyota Production System. The idea was to stop designing products in isolation without thinking how they would actually be produced. Isn’t that what is still happening in many IT shops

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Why IT should become an Internal Service Broker? Part 2

In the previous blog entry we started discussing why IT should become an internal service broker and I shared the first three steps of the process to get there. We started by defining the services that are expected from the business, then looking at which services should be delivered by other entities, to finally discussing how to set-up the service broker itself. These are the three basic preparation steps that need to take place. But before we get to launch the service broker three more steps need to be executed.

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Why IT Should Become an Internal Service Broker

In the previous blog entry we talked about IT becoming service focused. We also talked about the IT environment becoming more complex as, in an effort to reduce cost, services and applications are hosted in a variety of platforms. These platforms extend from the traditional environment, through private, managed and public cloud to SaaS services. Ultimately the IT landscape becomes a mixture of all delivery models.But it is understandable to want to keep IT simple for the business user (given that you want the business to use IT and not to go to external sources). 

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Get Service Focused, Run at the Pace of the Business

Business people often see IT as costly and slowing things down. This is particularly the case in large enterprises. In an ever more digital world where time is shrinking and things need to happen faster and faster, this is a real issue for IT. Either IT becomes a business game changer or it won't exist anymore. Does that mean we should put "No Future" on the front of the IT department. I don't believe so, but I strongly believe IT is in the middle of a revolution and the IT departments that understand and transform will be the winners of tomorrow. Here are a couple hints of what to do in this new, digital world.

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Decoding Cloud Migration: “Lift-and-shift”

In many migration to cloud conversations, the term “lift-and-shift” appears. But what does this term actually mean and what is the user expecting? Ultimately what the user wants, to my understanding, is to migrate an application or applications from the existing environment to a new cloud-based environment without changing the logic or the way the application works. But there is not just one way to do that as " lift-and-shift"  seems to indicate. Companies believing migration is simple and fast, often choose encapsulation methods to find they can no longer evolve their applications. So, make sure you understand your options and not just " lift-and-shift".

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