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In This HP Cloud Source Blog, HP Expert, Christian Verstraete will examine cloud computing challenges, discuss practical approaches to cloud computing and suggest realistic solutions.

Should we ban IaaS from Cloud?

When talking about IaaS with CIOs, I find many of them limiting themselves to IaaS. That intrigued me. Why do they limit the discussion to infrastructure. Well, infrastructure is business as ususal, it does not oblige them to manage the evolution to a service oriented IT department. In the long run they are loosing out as they do not address the needs of the business, but it makes life easier. What does it take to break that paradigm? Want to know more?

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The Business Value of Cloud: Improve productivity

In my last two blog entries, I analyzed the business value of cloud by discussing ROI, agility and innovation. There is actually another area where cloud can help, and that is through productivity improvement. How much time do our engineers and developers lose in setting up IT environments to support their development processes? How can cloud computing help them reduce the time spent on IT, allowing them to do their job, developing new products, software and services. 

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The Business Value of Cloud - Innovation

In the previous blog post I discussed how we could justify cloud computing from an ROI and agility perspective. Today I’d like to complement this discussion by focusing on the business value cloud computing can add by being used within the frame of innovation. How do we account for the additional business opportunities created by using cloud, how can we recognize the costs not incurred through the use of cloud? These are the key questions I'm addressing here.

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The Business Value of Cloud – ROI and Agility

When talking to CIO's one of the key questions I often get is how do we justify cloud computing. There is obviously the traditional ROI calculation, but that one is often difficult to make work, particularly if the company already virtualized most of its servers. But there is more to it. In this first of three blog entries, I discuss briefly why the traditional ROI calculations may be difficult, but then describe how we can measure business agility and its return.

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3 lessons learned on public cloud and cloud security

Steve Wozniak sees horrendous problems within five years by using the cloud. Mat Honan from Wired Magazine got his accounts wiped out. Beyond that,what are the potential dangers of integrating cloud and BYOD? What lessons can we learn from this? How can it be avoided? Here are three hints of things you might want to consider. Cloud is here to stay, so we have to adapt ourselves and take appropriate action. The cases described here should be considered as a warning. Let's learn from them.

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