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In This HP Cloud Source Blog, HP Expert, Christian Verstraete will examine cloud computing challenges, discuss practical approaches to cloud computing and suggest realistic solutions.

If it is cloud, it will be hybrid

Just under one year ago, I spoke at a cloud conference. The speaker before me, the CTO of a well-known SaaS provider boldly told the audience to forget about their private infrastructures, the future was the public cloud. Speaking to companies all the time, I frankly don’t see that happen. Yes, cloud technology is increasingly used by organizations, but they are not going to the public cloud for all their workloads. What I see is the combination of multiple cloud models, from public to private. Understand why.

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From application modernization to continuous update.

One of my customers told me that he was tired of having to modernize his applications every five years. This was a costly and time consuming exercise. He challenged me of finding another way. I proposed him to set-up what I call a continuous improvement cycle. Intrigued by the words? Well, let me explain what I mean by that after having reviewed why you want your applications to run on up to date software and infrastructure.

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Why would you move your applications to the cloud?

We talk a lot about cloud, but you do not do cloud for the stake of it, you do it because you want to run something in the cloud. So, what is the advantage of migrating an application to the cloud? And what migration strategy do you want to use? That's what I review in this blog entry. I'm looking at the options for both the systems of records and the systems of engagements.

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The Role of the CIO, evolution or revolution?

In the UK government, the CIO seems to be replaced by a tandem, a CDO and a CTO. Deloitte urges the CIO to become a venture capitalist. What is certain, the role of the CIO is changing drastically. For some it's an evolution as they have been on the road to closer alignment with the business for years, but for others it's a true revolution. Beyond the title, how can the IT department transform itself to truly add value to the business now that digital technologies are creeping in every part of the organization. Here are some suggestions.

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Take a fresh look at your software development approach

I've now been involved in a software development project for several months. And I learned a lot. I experienced the clash of the traditional and new development approaches. It made me even more convinced we need to change the way we develop software. So, let me tell you the story, my experience and what I believe is the way to go. I'd really like you to also share your experience, so we could compare.

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