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In This HP Cloud Source Blog, HP Expert, Christian Verstraete will examine cloud computing challenges, discuss practical approaches to cloud computing and suggest realistic solutions.

Internet of Things: what data really matters?

The internet of things is hyped quite often these days. And with it, comes the promise of zillions of petabytes of data. But what really makes sense? A discussion last week with a colleague about intelligent thermostats got me thinking. Until what point does the added information give me a true benefit? And at what point does it become irrelevant information overload? Here are my thoughts on the subject and give me your feedback.

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Cloud computing is a means, not an end.

Last week I was at HP Discover where I had the opportunity to talk to many customers. It’s always good to be able to hear first-hand what is top-of-mind for CIO’s and other IT leaders. Obviously the term cloud came up often, but it was always discussed as a means to reach an objective, not as an end in its own right.Understand why.

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HP Discover - Day 3 - Cloud is no longer at the center of the discussion

The one thing that hit me while talking to customers at Discover is that the discussion is no longer about cloud, It's no longer about whether to go to cloud or when to go to cloud, it's about how to get there. Infrastructure as a service is a given, the discussion moves to the applications, to the environments to transform and evolve them. I have never talked devops as much as these last three days. This is a fundamental shift. It demonstrates two things to me, first, cloud is going mainstream, and second, IaaS is quickly becoming a commodity.

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HP Discover Day 2: IT is definitely changing

Day 2 of HP discover in Barcelona is over. IT is fundamentally changing. Whether it is about Sprout, HP's new immersion PC, our 3D printer or the Machine, the next 3 to 5 years will fundamentally change the way both enterprises and consumers will interact with information technology. Interactions with customers confirmed the overall impression, IT is fundamentally changing, we are on a way to a different approach to information, functionality and services. And the journey is just starting.

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HP Discover - Day 1 - It's all about applications

Day 1 of HP Discover in Barcelona is over. It was all about applications and gave me a lot of ideas of future tweets. So, let me share with you quickly some of the ideas that were discussed, I'll spend some more time in teh future weeks to go in details and give you the analysis.

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