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In This HP Cloud Source Blog, HP Expert, Christian Verstraete will examine cloud computing challenges, discuss practical approaches to cloud computing and suggest realistic solutions.

Implement Cloud, one step at the time

As Cloud has become mainstream, and as business organizations have started using it, many IT departments seem to rush to the Cloud. Does this makes sense as Cloud is only one step in an evolution of the IT landscape to a cheaper and more agile environment? Let’s put this evolution in perspective and let’s describe 5 key steps along the way.

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Applications in the Cloud: Make the right choices

Cloud Computing has been hyped for the last several years. It was going to solve every problem. Slowly but surely it is becoming mainstream. Companies are using Cloud, and see the actual benefits of doing so. As a result, new terms are being invented. One in particular Platform as a Service (PaaS) includes Cloud technology and platforms. But will it really solve all IT problems? Frankly no. So when you think about moving to the Cloud, make sure you look at all aspects and make the right decisions.

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HP Helion Network, creating a Cloud of Clouds

At HP Discover, Bill Veghte announced the HP Helion Network. Intrigued, I wanted to know more. So I took the opportunity to sit down with Colin I’Anson, one of the people involved in the development of HP Helion, and asked him a series of questions. Here's what he had to say.

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Bezos' law overlooks the conservation principle, changing the equation

A couple weeks ago I discussed how cloud services come with hiden costs. I actually compared it with budget airlines. My colleague George McKee, from Global Cyber Security, pointed out the fact that Bezos' law does not seem to take the ecosystem service conservation principle into account. In other words, what are you receiving from your IT department in a traditional environment, and is now your responsibility as you switch to cloud. And what cost is associated to it? Read how he puts it.

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Complement The machine with a distributed mesh cloud, welcome to the future

Last week I talked about "The Machine". Let's continue our trip to the future. What can we do with such small machines located everywhere. Well, we can set-up a distributed mesh cloud. You may scratch hour head asking yourself what this means and what purpose this might well have. That's precisely what I want to highlight in this blog entry. Embark to the future, let's think through what we can do with such technologies. And by the way, why don't you share your own examples? That would help all of us think the future.

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