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In This HP Cloud Source Blog, HP Expert, Christian Verstraete will examine cloud computing challenges, discuss practical approaches to cloud computing and suggest realistic solutions.

DevOps and Cloud, two trends for the digital enterprise

IT technology plays an increasing role in business. Despite the resistance of some, IT will play an ever increasing role in enterprises. Rather than being slow to embrace trends, enterprises should think at how to take advantage of the digital world to transform their customer experience and facilitate the way they do business or create new products and services. Throughout this blog entry, I will refer to these approaches as the “solution” to be developed. It will be different for each enterprise, but the principles remain the same. As start-ups and enterprises go down the path of digitization, there are a couple elements that become obvious. Let’s review them.

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Characteristics of Applications Deployed in the Cloud

Whether you plan to write a new application or take an existing one and transform it for the cloud, it’s important to understand the specifics of cloud applications. Much has been written on the subject, but mostly from the standpoint of a particular development environment (aPaaS), and as such- focusing on new applications. So let’s highlight some of the questions you have to ask prior to starting the development or transformation work, as well as some main points to look at during the process.

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DevOps Best Practices – It’s more than technology

Last week at HP Discover in Las Vegas, we ran a hangout focused on DevOps best practices. Our discussions were captured by a strategy artist in the drawing you see in the blog post. But beyond the unique graphics, what did we talk about? It became quickly clear that DevOps does not stand on its own, but that it is complemented with cloud and agile. Also, it is not just about technology, people and processes should also be looked at. Want to know more about what we discussed?

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HP Discover Day 3: Cloud, Mobile,DevOps and Agile

As HP Discover is winding down, lets take a look at the key elements helping companies moving to the digital enterprise, to the "new style of business". Four key approaches combined provide companies the tools and environment required to address the needs of the business quickly and provide their users and customers with a business experience that is second to none. By addressing cloud, agile, DevOps and mobile, we can build the environment that allows companies to respond to business needs and opportunities quickly. Understand what that is all about.

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HP Discover Day 2: Composability and the raise of the idea economy

Day 2 is often the most packed day at HP Discover and this year was no different. Indeed, all day long customer meetings, discussions, plenary sessions and interactions with others resulted in many ideas that are worth thinking through in more details. I could not share all, but have tried to give you a good view of what happened. So, enjoy reading the resume of my day two at HP Discover.

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