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Demoing HP iLO Mobile App

Check out the video session, with the demonstration of the HP iLO Mobile App, or follow the step by step description below.



The app starts out with a list of iLOs. iLO stands for Integrated Lights-Out. This is the management chip on all HP servers. You can manually type in the login information for each or scan it in from a QR Code. Tap on one of the iLOs to start managing your server.




You have two options here: remote console or run a script. Here we will tap remote console.




And here it goes... The mobile app is setting up encryption going both ways:  video coming from the server and keyboard and mouse going to it.




We are now connected. Here we have Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 already running. Remote console to iLO is different from a software KVM in that keyboard, mouse and video come from hardware. This is important because if the server is off or if unhealthy you can still connect and fix problems. With this app you can now do it from almost anywhere from your smart phone.




Here you can retire the menu bar with a two finger tap to get at whatever is underneath. You can zoom and pan by pinching and dragging two fingers. Tap for a left click. Hold down for a right click. Double tap is a double click.




Along the menu bar at the bottom you have a few icons. The power icon on the right shows the current power state. Hit it for power switch settings.




Hit the icon that looks like a DVD to bring up the virtual media page. From here you can mount a CD or DVD ISO file hosted by a web server. Simply enter its URL and hit mount. It will show up as a CD/DVD USB drive on your server. And you can boot off of it to upgrade to Windows 8 and manage the installation from your phone.




The keyboard icon brings up the device's virtual keyboard. The FN button brings up additional keys. On iPad and iPhone, to do a CTRL-ALT-DEL, tap on the CTRL and ALT keys and then press the backspace key. This is because the iOS devices do not have a delete key.




The health icon is used to launch iLO's web interface. This icon's color reflects the health of the server. Here you can see a small sample of the kinds of things you can do from iLO. Here you can set power caps. On other pages you can view power history, sensors, health of your drives, logs and many other things. You have total control.




Back from the list of iLOs you can launch a script. This view pops up and lets you enter the URL of where the script is being hosted. The app will download the script and execute it on the selected iLO.




Results are shown on this screen. The scripting language is RIBCL which is documented in the iLO Scripting Guide on The guide contains sample scripts which you can copy, paste and edit. Here I have launched a script that powers on the server and then powers it off.




That's it. Remember to visit and for more information. You can download the app for free from the iTunes app store or the Android Marketplace.


Depending on the server you might need an advanced license for iLO to use most of these features.


Thanks for your time, make sure to drop your questions or comments to our Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or LinkedIn sites. Also remember to check  Luis' biography video.

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