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HP ProLiant Gen8 Servers Documentation


Pete and Mona provide and overview of the ESSN Technical Documentation, share with you some of the great new documents and web sites our team has available for HP ProLiant Gen8 servers with embedded software.


First of all, please see the following URL for the Documentation librabry:


This Information Library is a one stop shop for all your key HP ProLiant Gen8 server documents. Remember to bookmark this documentation site. At the top of the site, you’ll see three tabs, one for HP ProLiant Gen8 Servers, HP iLO Management Engine, and finally HP Insight Remote Support. The iLO Management Engine tab has sub tabs for iLO and Intelligent Provisioning. Click the tabs and you’ll see a list of our key documents. At the bottom of the page, you’ll find links to the manuals page for the Gen8 servers, which are hosted on at the HP Business Support Center. There are also links to other related product information sites, like the Support Pack for ProLiant information library, the BladeSystem Technical Resource website, and the new iLO Management Engine and Intelligent Provisioning site. Along the left side of the site, you’ll see links to more ProLiant information, purchasing, HP services, and various forums




The HP ProLiant Gen8 Server with HP iLO Management Engine Setup Guide was written to combine both hardware and software instructions and best practices for Gen8 servers based on an SMB environment.  The setup guide gets you started with the information you need about the new iLO Management Engine, which provides provisioning, monitoring, diagnostics and support for Gen 8 servers, plus we will highlight updating HP firmware and drivers. This guide is also on the Documentation CD that comes with each new HP ProLiant Gen8 server as well. 


Next we have the HP ProLiant Gen8 Server Troubleshooting Guide. The troubleshooting guide helps solve common challenges when configuring and using HP ProLiant Gen8 servers. We designed the guide with the troubleshooting steps presented in standardized and easy to follow flow charts. This helps you find the solutions quicker and easier. The guide also includes detailed troubleshooting for ProLiant specific components.


Finally, we have the HP ProLiant Error Message Reference Guide. This guide lists the error messages from many different HP ProLiant products and utilities, all together in one place. This means you’ll spend much less time searching for specific error messages, and be able to address any errors quickly by following the guide’s clear explanations.


The iLO Management Engine, you can find user guides, release notes and other key documents for iLO, and Intelligent Provisioning. There’s no need for an installation guide – because there’s no need to install the software! Yes, you heard me right – no installation guide ! It’s embedded in the firmware of each new HP ProLiant Gen8 server, and is available from first boot.


And let’s not forget about the Service Pack for ProLiant, or the SPP as we like to refer to it. You can find more about the SPP on the documentation library online, at this address :


Each SPP can be deployed using the HP Smart Update Manager and is documented with detailed release notes. You can get more information about HP SUM from the HP Smart Update Manager Information Library at the address shown:


The hardware documents follow a very similar layout to previous generations of ProLiant servers. The first document you’ll see when unpacking an HP ProLiant Gen8 server is the setup poster.  The poster provides a high level overview of how to setup your server and install hardware options, including how to start the iLO Management Engine. Being a high-level overview, the setup poster refers you to the specific documents on the Document CD or to for more detailed information.



We are happy to announce we now offer all of our ProLiant Gen8 server software and hardware documents in French, German, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese.  Be sure to bookmark it so you can always return to the most up to date source for ProLiant Gen8 documents.


And remember with the Business Support Center, available at the address shown here:


And some key sites for reference:


HP ProLiant Gen8 Servers


HP iLO Management Engine


HP iLO 4


HP Intellient Provisioning


HP Insight Remote Support






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stara | ‎03-21-2012 06:49 AM goes directly to iLO4 page


Where are the tabs & docs you are mentioning in blog ?

stara | ‎03-21-2012 07:07 AM

HP ProLiant Gen8 Servers -> it goes to iLO management engine page

HP iLO Management Engine  -> it goes to iLO management ...

HP iLO 4 -> -> it goes to iLO management ...

HP Intellient Provisioning -> ilo

HP Insight Remote Support -> insight control

HP SUM http:// -> it goes to spam site

HP SPP http:// -> hyperlink adds % and errors out ...


All the hyperlinks are going to wrong places. Any ETA for fixing these ?

LucyEllis | ‎03-26-2012 09:09 PM

Stara - thanks for pointing these errors out - I'm correcting the links now.

LucyEllis | ‎03-29-2012 03:28 PM

All links are working.

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