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HP Smart Update Manager 5.0.0 Overview

Michael Garner is going to show us today a lot of new features and enhancements to this version of HP SUM , which will enhance the overall firmware update experience on HP servers.


This version of HP SUM is the best tested and highest quality version that we've ever released!


Among the features that we've added were features to add multiple repositories so you're no longer just limited to a single directory as the input into the product now you can have multiple repositories and also use the HP website as an alternate repository to get the latest updates as well.



We've also added the capability to check dependencies between targets so if you have multiple servers that you want to do it one time we can check and see if there's anything that those servers need and sequencing the updates in the correct order


We've extended this also to enclosures, so that we can look it not only the infrastructure such as the old away in virtual connect but also servers and put those together and actually update them in the correct sequence regardless of what version of firmware or software they may be at.


We've also posted HP SUM as an RPM under Linux software delivery repository to our Linux customer experience and we've also in enhanced our OS auditing integration.


We now stored everything that HP SUM does in the system event log for Windows and in the OS audit log for Linux.


We've also added the capability to generate reports on the fly so as you're going to the HP UI you can actually generate a report at any time on any screen and it will show you what it knows up to that point. This is an addition to the old version of HP SUM which only would allow you to do reports from the command line.


We also have  the capability to find associated targets, what that means is if you give us a server like a blade server we can find the OA associated with it,  if you give us an OA we can find the virtual connect another infrastructure modules and update those as a set instead of the individual system.


We've improved our UI to where it's now up three screen update:

  • We have a screen for the repository selection.
  • A screen for the targets.
  • A screen to review what updates need to be deployed.

This simplifies the overall experience and it also allows you to do multiple things at once which the older versions of HP SUM wouldn’t allow you to do. This version can update itself so if we post a new version on the web and you allowed it to go to the web to check it will find a new update an offer to update itself is part of the installation process


We are now allowing scheduling updates. Scheduling updates allows you to actually push the updates out to the target systems and at a predetermined time that you've set based on the times on the thirteenth actually perform the updates on the target systems. This allows you to actually stage the updates much sooner and allows your maintenance window to be reduced.


We've also reduce the number of ports that HP SUM requires, in the past we required up to twenty-five ports open on
the system in order to perform certain functions. With this new version most of the time they are needed five or less ports.


This version of HP SUM also fixes one of the other customer issues that we've had in the past which is when you completed the installation the only option really was to reboot  a local system or to exit HP SUM. We've added the reanalyze feature which will go back out to the target systems check them and actually give your progress on whether they are they're actually up to date or not. And if there are additional updates are needed they can be performed without actually leaving the tool. In this version of HP SUM we've also updated our support so that you can be on
a Windows workstation an update Linux servers as well as the Windows Servers. That way if you're in a mixed server
environment you can do all of your updates from that Windows Workstation.


We've added support for online Vmware firmware; this allows us to deploy updates to Vmware servers without taking the VM’s offline. This is much better than boot into the offline environment or offline DVD like we had to do in the past.


So watch for new components to roll out in the first half of 2012 as we enable more and more of the internal former features.


In addition, this version of HP SUM support all of the legacy SPP’s and all the DVD that we've released in the
past plus the new service pack for ProLiant.


 Some of the other features as we enable global force and reboot options which weren't there in the past we've also enhanced our hardware support.


One of the big things that this version of HP SUM allows is the online deployment of fiber channel HPA and converge network adapter firmware.


We're going to have cue logic support out first followed closely by any election brocade


This version of HP SUM if you’re a cloud system matrix customer we now can lock down your recipe based on the cloud system matrix recipe.


Now you may be asking where can I get HP SUM 5.0.0?


Well it's included in the service pack for ProLiant or SPP and it can be obtained by either going
to the page or the same page with /download
to actually download it. 


Get to know more about Michael by watching his biography video:


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JUccello | ‎08-22-2012 04:26 PM

I am trying to open the videos for HP SUM overview and the Firmware and Drivers best practice but do not see the option to watch the viideo from this page:


Can you send me the link where I can find these training video especially the ones from Michael Garner.


Thanks for your time,

Jolene Uccello


Xani | ‎08-22-2012 07:01 PM

Hello JUccello,


Thanks for wiriting, I reccommend you to visit our YouTube Playlist where you can find all Michael's videos ans some more as well :YouTube HP Gen8 Play List




CoffeeCoaching Team!

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