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Let's learn about the new DL380e Gen8 ProLiant Server!

Hello everyone!


Daryl Winkelmann with HP's Industry Standard Server Product Marketing team is going to talk with us about how the new DL380e Gen8 rack server offers customers outstanding compute and storage capabilities, and how is this the ideal server for meeting our essential datacenter needs.


Customers are dealing with a variety of Applications, many with dense storage requirements.


Many of these customers are looking to standardize on a highly-reliable, enterprise-class server that can meet their essential technical requirements, be built up into power configurations, as well as do so at a lower acquisition price.


These customers should be looking at the DL380e Gen8 ProLiant Server!



So what can customers expect with the new DL380e Gen8 servers?


We looked at storage strengths of previous generation servers like the DL180 G6 and worked to make an even better server.


We continue to offer a variety of drive cages to meet vastly different storage requirements based on workload.


For small form factor, we offer 8 and 25 drive cage options.


For LFF we standardize on a cage that can support up to 8-LFF drives based on controller selection and offer a 12 LFF drive cage option for increased affordable storage density.


We also offer a 12LFF "point to point" backplane for customers looking to maximize storage throughput.


And on top of this, the DL380e supports 2LFF or 2 SFF rear drives for increased capacity or OS mirroring with additional physical security.


And we support the full lineup of standup Smart Array controllers as well as Dynamic Smart Array controllers.


Customers looking for up to 6 LFF SATA drives support can utilize our base controller offering, the B120i controller


We have also improved and standardized system management by embedding our latest HP iLO Management Engine: a complete set of embedded management features with key features like Agentless Management, Active Health System and Intelligent Provisioning.


And these servers support Intel's Xeon® E5-2400 series of processors, with choicesfor 4, 6 and 8 cores with speeds up to 2.4 GHz, DDR3 memory speeds up to 1600MHz, and a 384GBmaximum memory footprint with the introduction of 32GB load reduced DIMMs.


The DL380e and DL380p products share drive cages,this means that a customer considering a dense rack storage solution can also have a more dense memory foot print as well in the DL380p.


All of these configurations benefit from another innovation build into every ProLiant server, the new HP SmartDrive carriers.


These new carriers provide a valuable look at disk activity, let you know when a drive is being used to rebuild a RAID Set, and even has a backlighting feature that allows a remote operator to signal to datacenter or remote staff an exact drive to remove.


And of course at the heart of controlling the drives are HP's Gen8 Smart Array controllers with many significant enhancements: Up to 2GB of flash backed write cache for faster access to data and improved rebuild times; an array configuration utility and management tools that are now embedded andeasier to access (no more CD's).

Serviceability is a key consideration for any server.


Although we designed the DL380e with a focus on quality, there will be times when configuration changes need to be made.


That is why we also focused on a customer-inspired design: things like a clean cabling solution, choice of sliding or friction rails, a cable management arm if you choose sliding rails, a redesigned clear air baffle, front VGA connector for diagnostic purposes …turn screws on our risers for easier access. (Each riser assembly can now be accessed simply and independently using a new tool-less design. Just turning the two blue tabs on each riser assembly 180 degrees and that releases or locks down the assembly.)


We could go on and on, but that wouldn't leave me time to let you know that this server also enables support for up to a single 225W double-wide graphics card: Think along the lines of an NVidia Quadro 6000. Now that's some serious horsepower for an essential server.


And for customers looking for essential SAS support, they can count on our Dynamic Smart Array B320i controller (implemented via an enhanced riser option) to drive up to 8 SAS or SATA drives.


In addition to management features like remote console and virtual media features of prior generations, there are four key new functional areas added to the new iLO Management Engine.


First, Intelligent Provisioning takes the strengths of products like SmartStart, PSP, and HP SUM, enhances them with the latest ease of use features and places them where you can use them immediately, on the system board, thus eliminating the need to keep track of all those DVDs.


Next, a long-time desire of many of our customers is now available with Gen8: agentless management.

Base hardware health monitoring and alerting functions now run directly on the iLO hardware, independent of the operating system and the processor.


Some server failures can be extremely hard to reproduce, they may escape regular diagnostic runs and could take a long time to fix.


With Gen8's new Active Health System, we offer an always-on diagnostics systemthat records critical information about the health of your ProLiant servers in order to facilitate faster root-cause analysis and problem resolution.


With iLO Management Engine we also offer faster access to HP Insight Remote Support, HP's 24x7 "phone home" remote support software.


That concludes this presentation on the HP ProLiant DL380e Gen8.


Thank you for taking the time to learn about all the new features offered in this exciting new product - one that complements the Windows operating system and supports line of business applications like Exchange and Sequal Server.


Whether its storage, compute, or both, this server has your essential needs covered.


Thanks for joining this session of Coffee Coaching.


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Ifeanyi | ‎02-25-2013 03:36 PM

what are the diffences between the DL380P and the DL380e SERVER?

Xani | ‎03-04-2013 03:06 PM
Hello Ifeanyi,
Thanks for contacting us.
The main difference between these 2 servers is Memory: The DL380e supports up to 384GB and the DL380p a maximum of 768GB. 
For more detailed information about these servers, you may visit the HP ProLiant DL380p Gen8 quick specs document and the HP ProLiant DL380e Gen8 file. 
If any further question please let us know!
Best regards, 
Coffee coaching Team

what are the diffences between the DL380P and the DL380e SERVER?

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