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Sales Tips from Andrea - Account Mapping

Once you identify your Ideal Client Profile, the next step is Account Mapping.  Creating the Account Map allows you to focus on those key players who are most likely to become your Ambassadors.

Similar to an organizational chart, Account Mapping allows you to name the key players within an account.  By creating a map, including a description of each of their roles and where they stand in the corporate hierarchy, as well as their sphere of influence within the account, you can identify, and ultimately, empower Ambassadors within existing accounts.


When working with large organizations, it is critical to understand the role of each of the key players as well as their process for working with vendors, customers, as well as colleagues and other business associates. 


Several resources are available online to aid in the development of creating Account Maps includingHoover’s and First Research.  Find them online at And


To further develop an Account Map at any given account, start with your best contact first, then begin defining the key players and their roles and responsibilities to have a better understanding for the inner workings of the account.  Here are some great questions you can ask of your main contact that will help clearly define the Account Map. 

  • What is the process used to make purchasing decisions?
  • What is the process of working with channel partners?
  • What is your new business development or sales process?
  • What is your marketing process?


You should notice a pattern in this line of questioning.  By duplicating this line of questioning within the various departments or divisions of each account, and with each of your numerous contacts, you will create your Account Map.  


While it may seem like a barrage of questions, just explain to your main contact that the better you understand their account, the more helpful you can be in developing the best solution to fit their needs. Also keep in mind not to ask questions you already know the answers to, or ask them in such a way that shows you are familiar with their account and just need further clarification regarding specific information you’re gathering so that you can offer the best possible recommendation.  In addition to the specifics you will learn as a result of asking these open-ended questions, you will also get a sense of the culture, and sometimes political, landscape of the account as well.  It will become obvious to you after gathering all of this information, who your best Ambassador prospects are and you can begin to focus on those individuals as you ACT.


Creating the Account Map allows you to focus on those key players who are most likely to become your Ambassadors.

Mandarindia | ‎07-09-2014 05:58 AM

Nice intro to account mapping. I am currently trying to make our sales team follow account mapping process, and I found your points useful. Thank you.

Willa ‎07-09-2014 07:58 PM - edited ‎07-09-2014 07:59 PM

We are glad you found it useful!

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