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Latest Version of SAS Smart Array Controllers: P430, P431 and P731m

HP’s latest version of SAS Smart Array controllers unleash the full performance potential with ProLiant Gen8 systems when deploying high-performance solid-state storage eliminating bottlenecks. In addition, these controllers address new levels of data protection, improved resiliency, and performance, when compared to the previous generation controllers. 



INFOGRAPHIC: How do Additive Licenses Work for Windows Server 2012 Standard and Datacenter Editions?

Windows Server 2012 additive licenses are available for purchase to stack on top of Windows Server 2012 Standard edition and Datacenter edition and allow customers to add capacity as needed at a constant price per instance. This helpful infographic will teach you all you need to know about additive licenses for Windows Server 2012.

Learn Which HP ProLiant Gen8 Servers we Recommend Pairing with Specific Windows Server 2012 Editions

The HP ProLiant Gen8 server family offers users many different options. Remember, not all servers have the same functionality, just like not all customers have the same server needs. It is important to understand your customers’ needs before you can position the proper server solution. Today, we will discuss the HP ProLiant Gen8 server family and tell you which HP ProLiant Gen8 servers we think work best with specific Windows Server 2012 editions.



FAQ for CALs - Frequently Asked (Client Access License) Questions

Many resellers and customers have questions when it comes to CALs. Today, we want to answer the 3 questions about CALs that we hear most often. 


  1.        “What happens if my customer loses their CAL?”
  2.        “How does CAL activation work?
  3.        “What CALs are compatible with what versions of Windows Server?”

Don’t Forget the CALs! All About Client Access Licenses

With every Operating System and server sale, it is important to remember to ask your customers about the Client Access Licenses needs.Today we will talk about CALs, from User CALs and Device CALs to Remote Desktop Service CALs



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